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I had worked on thread projects but never felt the need of blocking, truely speaking I didn’t know anything about blocking till I saw some post about it at Ravelry. after that I tried my hand on blocking and found the miraculous changes. I blocked my two long pending centerpieces yesterday.

2013-04-17 14.26.07

DH saw this and said when did you do this! He did’t realise it was an old piece :) I am happy to see how the work has opened up and I can see all the details clearly.

2013-04-17 14.26.30

And the second one

2013-04-17 14.25.46

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all :) I was quite busy with all the Christmas crafts for the children in my class and the practice for the function after holidays, it was leaving me so exhausted … but now as I got a weeks holidays I am back to my crafts. I finished this table mat, one more is on its way, as a part of C/KAL in my Ravelry group. and the next I am going to finish the edging to this baby blanket


Hummingbird doily

This was in my to do list for a long time, and I am happy that I finally made this. This is Hummingbird Irish Rose doily, I remember the pattern name only; forgot from where I got this pattern. It is not as fine as the original but I am happy with the result, as I did not do this for this long time just thinking that it would not come nice.

In this background it is looking like embroidery, isn’t it?

the close up of the rose and the bird

some FO’s from last year

This is Shellivanni shoulder wrap I made a while back for Achu. This is a nice and easy pattern which can be easily modified according to the choice.

this is the back view of the piece. I surely need to learn the blocking.

This is potholder worked with interlocking crochet.

This is done recently, add of color to the dry and cold weather.

February Doily is done

I am done with my February Doily.

I worked on Bruegs Lace for the first time and I was a little nervous about it. But it turned out OK and i am happy with the results.

Bruges Lace seems to be difficult but it is really easy and quite fun. I just had to look for the joins.

This was the first time I worked in Bruges lace, and I felt all the time I chose wrong thread for the project. The original pattern called for no 40 crochet cotton and size 11hook.

I got very disappointed with the end results and started half hearted on blocking. But as I started to block the lace I got the surprising changes in the appearance of the doily. It was a little tedious task to block every loop of the lace but was fruitful to me.