things I did in 2011

Here is the list of 20 tasks I want to complete in year 2011. I am writing them down so that I don’t forget about them and also can keep track on my progress regarding them.

The list of tasks

Start date: January1, 2011
End date: December 31, 2011

1. visit at least one tourist place in north India
2. Visit at least one landmark in Bangalore

(Unplanned visit to LalBagh)

3. Complete those UFO’s (4)

i) Girandole is done!

4. Make at least five things from my Ravelry queue

i) ZigueZAgue´s Bag-English

5. Finish 12 doilies in 2011 challange

i) January Doily

ii) February Doily

iii) March Doily

6.Knit/crochet something for myself

ZigueZAgue´s Bag-English

7. Take part in a craft show

8. Use the sewing pattern I have to make a dress

9. Learn to ride a two wheeler

One day after my two-wheeler arrived in the showroom; my DH’s colleague died in a road accident. My DH was the first to see him and he was so nervous and negative that I thought to drop the idea of having a two wheeler.

I learned four wheelr driving and also used it during the period when hubby was out of India. (for three months)

10. Learn 10 new Kannada words
11. Learn to do smocking
12. Learn 5 new crocheting techniques

i) Bruges Lace

ii) Delta Crochet

iii) Interlocking crochet

iv) Broomstick lace

In kitchen
13. Bake and decorate at least one cake
14. Cook 10 Garhwali dishes

i) Bhatwani

ii) Churkwani

iii) Chaisu

iv) Tilkutta

v) Pataude

vi) Kafulu

vii) Chol-roti


15. Try 52 new dishes

i) French Onion Soup

ii) Portugese Chicken

iii) Chocolate Pudding

iv) Chicken Burritos with sauce

v) Chicken Soup with Macaroni

vi) Makai Mirch Ka Salan

vii) Navratan Pulao

viii) Vegetable Bread Patties

ix) Oat and Raisin Muffins

x) Red Velvet Cake

xi)Chicken momo

xii) Besani sabji

xiii) Macaroni Souffle

xiv) Gobhi munchurian

xv) Dal ke kabab

xvi) Baked custard

xvii) Apple cinnamon pie

xviii) Cabbage and potato soup

xix) Fried green beans

xx) Plantain puee

xxi) South indin vada

xxii) Capsicum soup

xxiii) Chow chow bath

xxiv) Subz pulao

xxv) Macaroni alfredo

xxvi) Cream caramel

xxvii) Musturd dressing salad

xxviii) Spinach and mushroom soup

xxix) Carrot soup

xxx) Matar Mushroom

xxxi) Cabbage roll in white sauce

xxxii) Roasted tomato salsa

xxxiii) Cilantro soup

xxxiv) Fajitas

xxxv) Veggie enchiladas

xxxvi) Wite pilaf with cheese

xxxvii) basic sugar cookies

xxxuiii) Chakli



16. Develop mini kitchen garden

Feb 14: Chili Plants are growing properly in one pot,  but are shorter in other two pots. I hope for the best. The coriander was a failure as the plants didn’t grow properly and are grown old very soon without giving any harvest.

March 16: Tomato saplings are planted in separate pots. now waiting for next milestone.

March 28: Mealy bugs hit the plants… 😦

got harvest from the tomato and chilli plants.

Self help
16. Set a healthy routine and stick to that
17. Loose those extra 10 kilos
18. Read 5 new books

i) the knitting circle

ii) stay hungry stay foolish

iii) Delhi is not far

iv)a thousnd splendid suns
19. Keep the house and mind clutter free

3 thoughts on “things I did in 2011”

  1. I love your list! Very inspiring to have goals.
    I love indian food. I see that you have “Cook 10 Garhwali dishes” on your list. If the dishes come out good, share the recipe.

    Your crocheting is beautiful and so are your children!

    Saw your post on Ravelry (RAK forum – March 2010).

    1. Thanks Janet!
      I have made some of the recipes and posted them on the blog. For your information, Garhwali dishes are the dishes which are cooked in the certain region of India; known as Garhwal.

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