happy holi

happy holi

happy holi


they are loving to play home

yes they don’t have any doll house, neither they have pretty barbie dolls, but they still love to play home – home around the house. you can see them in any corner of the house with a stuffy, may be talking to it or feeding it or making it sleep or changing it and even toilet training it.

earlier only Aaku used to play with the soft toys but now sometimes Achu is also joining her. and then the scene is always worth watching. they do all the stuff with their babies, they call the stuffy- baby. i love watching them playing like that and surely you will also enjoy these moments.

here Aaku is making food for the doll

now she is feeding

this picture makes me laugh as it looks like the baby is saying ‘no! i don’t want to eat’. ha….ha….ha…..

now Achu joins the game

she was saying ‘baby, drink the milk!’

Aaku saw me taking pictures.

and said ‘no mummy, no, baby is eating food’!

she is hiding her baby from the ‘media’!

and again got busy with the baby!

using the scrap around the house

i am having problem in arranging my wardrobe now a days. it is full and you can see a pile of clothes in some chair or table in my room. its not that i keep clothes which i am not using, i keep donating unused clothes about twice yearly. but there are many infant clothes which i didn’t and my box-bed is full of those with many winter wears which can’t be used daily.  there are some old clothes such as bedspreads and towels etc. which people don’t ask for.

to get rid of some of the clutter around the house  i tried to recreate things.

i had made crochet squares to create shocks for my girls but couldn’t make them and the squares were lying around the house as my girls play with them. i took five of them to make a little pouch for Achu. it also have initial of her name.

when i told my husband that her purse has her name on it, he joked by saying all of you three have the same initial for your names, so whose is it?

it was a dark green towel piece which turned out into a frog.

and what my husband says about it is, “frog? i haven’t seen any with such long legs!”

the frog is stuffed with remaining towel and the scrap of this project (so that i don’t have to think about where to use them).

i needed one doormat, so i turned some of fabric pieces and one of my husbands old t shirt in to this:

now i am planning to make a decent rug out of old clothes. talking of old clothes remind me of the frock i made from saree for Aaku.

all this was done in last two weeks. and i have more plans and things to-do. so keep watching what comes next…..

don’t ask me where was I when this happned

i always call my parents at least once a week. it is my habit since my college days. but when my father called me yesterday i remembered that i didn’t call them for last two weeks. he asked me what is keeping me so busy. so this post is to show him and others what is keeping me engaged now a days.

so this was the condition of my kitchen counter. don’t you wonder how did they reached there. they managed to bring the stool there and then climbed on it to grab all the stuff from there.

they took whatever they liked with them leaving all other things around the kitchen

each day after i make the bed both the girls dance over it and the result is always the same

what to say more, whenever i am not in the same room where they are things like this are common. the newspapers are always spread like this.

there are more of such moments which are un-captured like clothes spread all around the room, toys all over the floor, sofa seats out of their places, torn papers, utensils like glasses, bowls, spoons all over the center table in the drawing room…… and more and more.

and all this is keeping my head away from the things that need head 😮

together they are growing….

as both girls are growing they are spending more time together. they are doing funny things like making faces, hiding behind curtains and squealing with delight; together.

laughing together
laughing together

they are holding their hands and playing together “ring-a-ring”. and now when i am busy elsewhere look where they are hanging 😮

right place to play together
right place to play together

they don’t like me working the household jobs, especially Achu. {she cries when i am busy in some thing. demands anything from i want milk to i want to go to toilet.} and the new way to keep their interference away is to give them some job. it also has its drawbacks, as last week Aku wanted to wash clothes all day long and she got cold due to it. for  now the task of the week is using rolling pin and make roti.

together in the kitchen
together in the kitchen

and believe me it is the result of their first attempt without any assistance.

this is of Achu

Achu's roti
Achu's roti

and this of Aku

Aku's roti
Aku's roti

but allowing them into the kitchen job raised another problem. they wanted to help more. every time i come in the kitchen Aku would come along and say “me khana banana hai” (i want to cook food). and i have to look for another activity in the kitchen.

together, deshelling eggs
together, de-shelling eggs

every time if one does something or says something the other would do or say the same thing .

upside down together
upside down together

isn’t it sweet…..:-)

the panda-how to

this is how i made the yellow panda

step 1: cut one leg of the pant, draw rough lines for head and body. sew along the straight line to get a bag open at both ends.

sew along the straight line

step 2: sew the lower narrow end by running stitch to tightly close it. (like making ruffels)

step 3: make running stitches around the neck portion.

step 4: stitch the eyes, nose and ears on the head and fill it.

step 5: slightly pull the running stitch thread to get a neck.

step 6: stitch the arms and fill the body.

step 7: again to close the end make running stitches around.

step 8: fold the remaining portion inside the toy.

step 9: fill the remaining body and pull the stitch thread to close the end.

step 10: stitch the legs and tie a ribbon bow around the neck.

treat for behaving nice in public

my husband is quite busy now a days, so i told him that he should not bother about the bank deposits and i will do that. as my daughters are in age of exploring and experimenting, i can not handle both in the public. they want freedom to touch everything, check every corner of  the place, and all this by themselves. they don’t want any interference in these activities. you can see them in supermarket arranging things from here to there, up to down. and i can’t say no to them. the reaction is always the same as of any other child of this age.

so i thought of sending them to my brother’s house for some hours while i finish the work. but sadly my brother’s little boy was sick today. i told my s-i-l that i’ll be dropping my kids there for a while, but thought that she could not handle them with her sick baby. so i decided to take both of them with me.

there was a long line at the counter at the bank. i made Achu  and Aku to sit on a bench near the line. Achu sit there quietly but Aku didn’t. so Achu was sitting on the bench all the time without any complain and Aku was standing with me in the line. they first tried to make excuses to escape the boring atmosphere by saying they want to go to toilet. but as i said that we’ll go to the toilet at home they agreed about it. (i knew it was an excuse only not an emergency) hence all went well in the bank.

we bought bananas and oranges from a shop and medicine from the medical store. and both the girls were sitting in their stroller all the time without any fuss.  i made banana cup cakes at home to say thank you to them. and they love it.

banana cupcakes
banana cupcakes

i love these cupcakes, they are delicious and remain moist after cooling down as well. for 12 cupcakes all i need is

1/2 cup whole wheat flour

1/2 cup oat meal

1 1/2 banana (mashed)

4 tbsp curd

6 tbsp oil

6 tbsp sugar

1 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp vanilla essence

a pinch of salt

just mix all the ingredients well, pour into the molds and bake in preheated oven at 180 degree centigrade for 18-20 minutes.

i tried something

i tried to make a skirt for Achu from her old pant. it was a half pant gifted to her. she never liked to wear it, she didn’t feel comfortable wearing that pant.

i trimmed its straps and opened the seam to turn it into a skirt.

this was the pant
this was the pant

and now she is happy to wear it (at least for a while ;-))

she is happy
she is happy
and enjoying
and enjoying

talking all day

my daughters ware feeling a little lonely here for some days after we came back. but now they are readjusted.

now they don’t query about their father all day long but they enjoy his company as  long as he is with them. their previous schedule of morning outing to get milk is again continued.

they are again asking their father to change his clothes when back from office or when they want to go out. as their father leaves to office they ask for the Tom-Jerry. and when the t.v. in turned on only the power failure would turn it off.

in between all these comes the request for several things like

“me tintin pas jaaye” (i want to go to see tintin),

“me ghumme jaaye” (i want to go out),

“me doosra khana chahiye” (i want another food),

“me baby kahan hai” (where is my toy),

“papa kahan hai ” (where is papa),

“me pant utaro” (can i take off my pant or i am taking off my pant),

“mummy ukki kao” (mummy play peekaboo),

“me kappa mawsh kanna” (i want to wash clothes),

“aur chahiye” (i want more),

“me nayee-nayee knna” (i want to take bath),

“cococh kahan hai” (where is the cockroach),

“ghoa chahiye” (become horse for me, in park it is a toy ride),

“gana chahiye” (play the music, or she wants the musical toy),

“ye papa ka hai?” (is it papa’s),

“kamma chahiye” (i want the blanket),

“commteter toma chahiye ” (play tom-jerry on computer),

“me booka chahiye” (i want book),

the list is endless, and these are the commonly used sentences. now-a-days they are busy in complaining about each other. the talking doesn’t limit to me only, they talk more to each other and to their toys and this thing is the sweetest part of it. in today morning Aaku was feeding the toy elephant and saying to it “baby khanna khao!” (baby, eat the food!!).

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