don’t ask me where was I when this happned

i always call my parents at least once a week. it is my habit since my college days. but when my father called me yesterday i remembered that i didn’t call them for last two weeks. he asked me what is keeping me so busy. so this post is to show him and others what is keeping me engaged now a days.

so this was the condition of my kitchen counter. don’t you wonder how did they reached there. they managed to bring the stool there and then climbed on it to grab all the stuff from there.

they took whatever they liked with them leaving all other things around the kitchen

each day after i make the bed both the girls dance over it and the result is always the same

what to say more, whenever i am not in the same room where they are things like this are common. the newspapers are always spread like this.

there are more of such moments which are un-captured like clothes spread all around the room, toys all over the floor, sofa seats out of their places, torn papers, utensils like glasses, bowls, spoons all over the center table in the drawing room…… and more and more.

and all this is keeping my head away from the things that need head 😮

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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