using the scrap around the house

i am having problem in arranging my wardrobe now a days. it is full and you can see a pile of clothes in some chair or table in my room. its not that i keep clothes which i am not using, i keep donating unused clothes about twice yearly. but there are many infant clothes which i didn’t and my box-bed is full of those with many winter wears which can’t be used daily.  there are some old clothes such as bedspreads and towels etc. which people don’t ask for.

to get rid of some of the clutter around the house  i tried to recreate things.

i had made crochet squares to create shocks for my girls but couldn’t make them and the squares were lying around the house as my girls play with them. i took five of them to make a little pouch for Achu. it also have initial of her name.

when i told my husband that her purse has her name on it, he joked by saying all of you three have the same initial for your names, so whose is it?

it was a dark green towel piece which turned out into a frog.

and what my husband says about it is, “frog? i haven’t seen any with such long legs!”

the frog is stuffed with remaining towel and the scrap of this project (so that i don’t have to think about where to use them).

i needed one doormat, so i turned some of fabric pieces and one of my husbands old t shirt in to this:

now i am planning to make a decent rug out of old clothes. talking of old clothes remind me of the frock i made from saree for Aaku.

all this was done in last two weeks. and i have more plans and things to-do. so keep watching what comes next…..

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

5 thoughts on “using the scrap around the house”

  1. Hi Anu,
    Very cute frog…
    Saw the pictures of the frock on Ravelry ..very cute, I loved the frills. They are so difficult to make with slippery cloth.
    How you have time for sewing and crafting is amazing with young twins around the house!!

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