they are loving to play home

yes they don’t have any doll house, neither they have pretty barbie dolls, but they still love to play home – home around the house. you can see them in any corner of the house with a stuffy, may be talking to it or feeding it or making it sleep or changing it and even toilet training it.

earlier only Aaku used to play with the soft toys but now sometimes Achu is also joining her. and then the scene is always worth watching. they do all the stuff with their babies, they call the stuffy- baby. i love watching them playing like that and surely you will also enjoy these moments.

here Aaku is making food for the doll

now she is feeding

this picture makes me laugh as it looks like the baby is saying ‘no! i don’t want to eat’. ha….ha….ha…..

now Achu joins the game

she was saying ‘baby, drink the milk!’

Aaku saw me taking pictures.

and said ‘no mummy, no, baby is eating food’!

she is hiding her baby from the ‘media’!

and again got busy with the baby!

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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