out of the kitchen

my daughters love to play with things from the kitchen. they take away utensils, containers, vegetables, food etc from the kitchen and play with them. i have captured some of those cute moments where they are playing with the kitchen items.

toy is offered food in plate with spoon
he is resting over the 'kadahi'
Aku seems too busy in cooking
Achu is hiding herself
over the center table
feeding the toys
what a combination (stem is being used like spoon to feed toy)
achu has one with little resemblance to the spoon
'come and have food' she said after this
here is a new game, stack and dance
stack the containers
now i'll put!
it is not looking good!
oo hoo
let's do it again!
now dance around it!
when will it fall down?

things that kept me busy

i have been quiet busy in this month for many reasons. i finished some of my long pending projects recently. have a look;

i made this frock, and Aku is loving it. she happily gave me poses to click and played ring-a-ring holding the corners.

this is the back view.

i also finished up the little giraffe toy. i had to make its legs (three only, one was done and attached to the body), tail, ears and horns. my girls found it in the box and started playing with it, they treated it like a gun while holding its leg. so i thought it is better to be a giraffe rather than a gun, and finished it.

here is the close up

other than these finished ones, i am busy with some unfinished projects also. i started to make ‘textured doily’ from the book ‘Pineapple Lace’ by ‘Nihon Vogue Staff’. but sadly the thread i was using was not enough to finish is. so it is half way done.

i hope i’ll get the same thread to finish it.

and the last is a rug. it is almost half done.

i am quiet exited about this one as i don’t have any pattern for it. i just saw the picture of it and decided to make it. i hope it ends well. may be not like the one i saw but like some that can be displayed.;-)

flower and leaves cardboard bracelet

it happen today when i was trying to make a cardboard photo frame. my daughters started playing with the scrap of the cardboard and Achu just wrapped one long strip around her wrist and said, ‘mummy, choodi pahanta hun.’ (mummy, i am wearing bracelet). but the cardboard didn’t took the round shape and it fell down. i asked her that i’ll make one for her and thought to glue the two ends, but it has to take time and so i just stapled the two ends with a cardboard flower to make the bracelet.

the first one

it was so simple and she was happy to have it, so i made one with flower and leaves later. here is how i made that;

i cut the cardboard piece in a flower shape and color it with red.

then i took a cardboard strip and draw leaves like above in green.

next i trim out the strip to get a better feel of leaves.

then i stapled the flower at one end of the strip.

took measures of the wrist and hand and according to that stapled the other end.

it is ready to wear.

Aku is happily wearing it and showing to me.

adventure is life or life is an adventure

yes ! I am saying the dialogue from the movie UP. I likeĀ  cartoons and animation and so my girls. we saw the movie in my brother’s house, and the interesting thing is that his nine months old son also likes the movie characters. he jumps and squeals when the little Ellie talks and Russell is his favorite.

up film
a still from the UP film

and here I am talking about the little Ellie in my house. any guesses, who it is? ………

yes it is my cute little Achu.

she is really an explorer šŸ™‚ has left no corner, cabinet, or shelf around the house. every time when there is a silence around the house i get to know something is going on there. she does all her jobs without any fear and makes sure to include Aku with her. take a look at today’s activity, both are on the sofa chair and have put the stools near by to climb up and down.


here she is getting down from the chair. steps on the chair hand.

over to the stools

she likes to set her hair like that, thus didn’t allow me to tie them up.

now step down on the floor
landed safely
now going up
climbed within seconds
now Aku wants to go

the sofa chair cushion is unable to tolerate such an exercise over it and sometimes the cushions fall down on the floor. the other day both of them climbed over the cushion, which is for the back, to sit over it. and all in sudden the cushions slipped from their places and fell on the floor. Achu and Aku first got frightened but within a minute they started playing over it again.

hope i’ll bring on more adventures of my little Ellie soon.

carrot cake with walnut and date

I made this carrot cake for my husbands birthday and he liked it very much. I found this recipe in the cookbook I got with my microwave. The cake was really tasty and simple to make.Thus I thought some one of you would like to have a bite of it; give it a try.

the cake


1 1/2 cup flour

1 cup veg oil

1 cup brown sugar (I used the normal white sugar)

3 eggs (beaten)

1 tsp cinnamon pd

2 cups grated carrots

1/2 cup chopped walnuts

1/2 cup chopped dates

1 tsp baking powder

a pinch of salt


Preheat the oven at convection 180 degree Centigrade.

Grease the cake dish.

Sift together flour, baking powder, salt and cinnamon powder.

Mix together carrots, sugar, oil, nuts, dates and eggs in a large bowl.

Combine sifted flour mix to it and mix throughly.

Pour the batter into the dish and bake at 180 degree for 35 to 40 minutes.

The cake is ready to eat.

other uses of my ‘dupatta’

my daughters love to dress up and it is not unusual as every girl has the same hobby. as every other girl of their age they love to dress up like the adults, but mostly like their mummy not papa. they wear my dupatta around their neck when ever they find it. otherwise they will treat the hand towels like dupatta to wrap around the neck.

dupatta as the turban

here Aku is wearing my dupatta on her head as a turban. when Aku is wearing it so why should Achu be behind? have a look at her

Achu with turban

earlier Achu used to take my dupatta with her all around the home, but now its Aku who is loving them.

dupatta over her head
holding the length

what can be the other way??? hummm, yes she wears it like the saree also.

she loves saree
the back view

and when there is no dupatta?? who cares? the towel is used for the same job

towel wrap

the last is the ‘dhoti’ from a dupatta

the dhoti

it is really difficult to click a good picture of Aku, but i managed to get the back view of dhoti.


my handmade life saga

when i was a kid i used to enjoy the pleasure of creating things. i always wanted to create things by myself and i had a big wood trunkĀ  for my stuff. i used to make wall hangings, rakhies, cards etc. my papa must remember the patches i made for his pajamas. reusing was my hobby that time and my parents always appreciated that . but asĀ  the time passed the hobby time became less and less, and once i was so busy with life that there was no time for these things. when i got married and moved to Bangalore, i became all alone in a new world. this situation led to the rebirth of my old hobbies. i created some old-time favorites.

walnut shell bugs
light bulb flower-pot
ice cream cup couple
decorative photo frame
flower basket
painted pot

i started crocheting and got a sewing machine for myself. i crocheted cushion covers, tablecloths, centerpieces, wall-hangings (most of them were made for my sasural) and i sew machine covers, cushion covers, refrigerator topper, salwar-suits, etc.

beaded hanging

sofa seat slip covers and the table cover
sofa seat slip covers

meanwhile i was entering a new world of motherhood, this changes my orientations and i also tried my hands over knitting. i knitted socks, sweaters, caps for my babies.

striped half sweater
feather yarn cardi
orange slippers for achu
orange slippers for achu
halmet hat
helmet hat
flower bonnet
flower bonnet
flower sweater
the two colors
frill frock

and now after four and half years of my marriage i am ready to try something different. what it will be, i don’t know. but i surely want to do the new. wish me luck!

some cute moments are captured

it is really difficult now to take pictures of both Achu and Aaku. they start jumping at the camera and want to see through it, and Aaku wants to take pictures by herself. that is why, when i made some video of the two i felt like the winner of some competition. and the video are worth watching. they are busy in their activities and not aware of the camera.


their favorite game is ring-a-ring, they love playing it anywhere, specially over the bed.


born with brain

achu seems to be more intelligent among both the girls. sometimes she amazes me with her actions. from her early days we saw her doing things differently. whenever she needed a toy that aaku is having she used to lure her with the other toy, she would play with the toy in such an interesting way that aaku wanted that one, and then put that down as she is done with it, at that moment aaku would drop her toy and achu get what she wanted. she distracts aaku from what she is doing or what she is asking for, very easily.
yesterday they were playing with their musical toy. usually they leave it in auto mode and dance with the music, they were doing the same yesterday but after a while aaku felt tired and sit back on the chair. achu put the toy on the table and started to play various sounds on it. aaku got annoyed and said “achu, aawaz band karo” (achu, turn off the toy), but she didn’t listen to her. i thought “now it is the beginning” and got prepared to interfere the two. mean while aaku got up from the seat and turn off the toy, achu immediately turned it on and it happened twice. after all this aaku was on the way back to the seat, achu hit the buttons and called her, “aaku, nahi chal rha” (aaku, its not working). aaku forgot that just now she turned it off and doesn’t want to listen the music, and went near the table and turned the toy on.

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