born with brain

achu seems to be more intelligent among both the girls. sometimes she amazes me with her actions. from her early days we saw her doing things differently. whenever she needed a toy that aaku is having she used to lure her with the other toy, she would play with the toy in such an interesting way that aaku wanted that one, and then put that down as she is done with it, at that moment aaku would drop her toy and achu get what she wanted. she distracts aaku from what she is doing or what she is asking for, very easily.
yesterday they were playing with their musical toy. usually they leave it in auto mode and dance with the music, they were doing the same yesterday but after a while aaku felt tired and sit back on the chair. achu put the toy on the table and started to play various sounds on it. aaku got annoyed and said “achu, aawaz band karo” (achu, turn off the toy), but she didn’t listen to her. i thought “now it is the beginning” and got prepared to interfere the two. mean while aaku got up from the seat and turn off the toy, achu immediately turned it on and it happened twice. after all this aaku was on the way back to the seat, achu hit the buttons and called her, “aaku, nahi chal rha” (aaku, its not working). aaku forgot that just now she turned it off and doesn’t want to listen the music, and went near the table and turned the toy on.

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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