my handmade life saga

when i was a kid i used to enjoy the pleasure of creating things. i always wanted to create things by myself and i had a big wood trunk  for my stuff. i used to make wall hangings, rakhies, cards etc. my papa must remember the patches i made for his pajamas. reusing was my hobby that time and my parents always appreciated that . but as  the time passed the hobby time became less and less, and once i was so busy with life that there was no time for these things. when i got married and moved to Bangalore, i became all alone in a new world. this situation led to the rebirth of my old hobbies. i created some old-time favorites.

walnut shell bugs
light bulb flower-pot
ice cream cup couple
decorative photo frame
flower basket
painted pot

i started crocheting and got a sewing machine for myself. i crocheted cushion covers, tablecloths, centerpieces, wall-hangings (most of them were made for my sasural) and i sew machine covers, cushion covers, refrigerator topper, salwar-suits, etc.

beaded hanging

sofa seat slip covers and the table cover
sofa seat slip covers

meanwhile i was entering a new world of motherhood, this changes my orientations and i also tried my hands over knitting. i knitted socks, sweaters, caps for my babies.

striped half sweater
feather yarn cardi
orange slippers for achu
orange slippers for achu
halmet hat
helmet hat
flower bonnet
flower bonnet
flower sweater
the two colors
frill frock

and now after four and half years of my marriage i am ready to try something different. what it will be, i don’t know. but i surely want to do the new. wish me luck!

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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