other uses of my ‘dupatta’

my daughters love to dress up and it is not unusual as every girl has the same hobby. as every other girl of their age they love to dress up like the adults, but mostly like their mummy not papa. they wear my dupatta around their neck when ever they find it. otherwise they will treat the hand towels like dupatta to wrap around the neck.

dupatta as the turban

here Aku is wearing my dupatta on her head as a turban. when Aku is wearing it so why should Achu be behind? have a look at her

Achu with turban

earlier Achu used to take my dupatta with her all around the home, but now its Aku who is loving them.

dupatta over her head
holding the length

what can be the other way??? hummm, yes she wears it like the saree also.

she loves saree
the back view

and when there is no dupatta?? who cares? the towel is used for the same job

towel wrap

the last is the ‘dhoti’ from a dupatta

the dhoti

it is really difficult to click a good picture of Aku, but i managed to get the back view of dhoti.


Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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