some things they love

please tell me where from my daughters get new ideas ? specially Achu! she seems to get bored very soon with a certain way of doing things and then comes a new idea out of her head. I think if Achu was not there Aaku would do only one thing, lay on the sofa or bed and suck her thumb. but as there is the “little Elley” in the house Aaku gets to explore and do new things or to do things in new ways. for some last weeks they could be found in any corner of the house with their dolls.

behind the sofa
a new corner

I had to search them behind the sofa, bed, door etc. and if the back door is open they would sit in the tub and play there. but now all that seems over and new things are happening here. have a look

they are standing on the bed, looking at the mirror. they talk to their images and then throw themselves in to the bed. like the free-fall.

free fall in the bed

every time they are doing this I keep worrying that they will hurt themselves but they wont listen me and start running round and round in the bed. now it may be safe with one kid doing this, it is really very unsafe when the two are running, they tend to touch each other and when touched the other would burst in giggles and fall on the bed and the other would fall over her. oh god!

they love to fly and ask me to let them fly.

and they love to read books anywhere;

want to know what did I mean by anywhere? look

like any other kid they also love to play with water; so we planned a bath for their kids on Saturday morning.

what more? yes, they love us!! 🙂


a little tote for my daughter

I made a cute pouch for one of my daughters months ago, and now I am done with one more for the another daughter. it’s a little tote and she is carrying it everywhere with baby doll on the other hand.

I made this one as well with the crocheted squares; that I had made for some project which never got started; and some little crocheted rings.

I took 6 squares; 4 of one color and 2 of other
made 4 rings of third color
joined the squares
attached the rings at the joining points of four squares
made sl sts at the open end with third color
made the handle (dc st) with the third color
made handle (dc st) and it is done.

and she has filled it with her puzzle pieces.

some sewing and crocheting

I loved the shirt dress when I saw it and thought to make it some day. with my two little daughters it seems always impossible to do sewing, as they tend to put hands over the work be it either cutting or sewing, they jump over to see how am I doing things or want to assist me by holding things, they take it as a game and say “now it’s my turn”, and all this ends with one more unfinished project lying in the shelf.

but when I saw one of my husbands shirts, which he stopped wearing, I decided to try my hand over the shirt dress. it took me the whole day to finish it up (it happens when you have two very active assistants who want to take over your place) and finally when I was done  my girls refused to try it, saying, “woo papa ka hai” (that is papa’s). somehow I made Achu to wear the dress.

I used the leftover of one of my dress, that I had made, for the belt and added ruffles to give it a little brightness. added a fabric flower at the top to lure my girls to wear it by saying “it has a cute flower on it”.

now i had the leftover of the shirt and the dress, quite enough to make another dress for Aaku. and I made it on the following day.

here are the two dresses.

Aaku's dress
Achu's dress
can you see the flower?

that’s all about the sewing, and now the crocheting; I made a little jungle friend for my daughters. its an elephant, a little elephant, my girls love it. here is the picture;

other then all these I also made a little purse for myself.


yesterday I made “Gulgule” for the evening snacks for my daughters and they loved them. ate the whole plate I had served and asked for more. although I had served them with cream but they didn’t touch the cream and ate only the Gulgule.

Gulgule are deep fried sweet wheat flour nuggets.

all you need is

1cp wheat flour

1/2 cp ripe banana mash

4 tbsp sugar

3/4 glass milk

fistful of resins

just add up all the ingredients to get the batter of dropping consistency. you can add more or less milk to adjust the consistency. pour the batter by a spoon in to the hot oil making the nuggets. get them out when they turn deep brown and serve.

they got puzzel game

it happened yesterday when we visited to supermarket for some shopping. when I was finished with my list I decided to just browse around the store. everyone who knows my husband will surely tell that which section did he choose. and if it was not enough my two little girls also choose the same section always in any store (if it is not there then every other section works for them); yes you know it ‘the books section’. both of my daughters love to get out the book from its place and then mix it with any other category. Achu is busy in this task most of the time but Aaku seems to be more interested in the books, she gets any book, opens it up and if she likes it, she will sit on the floor and turn around the book until she is full with it and then move to the other. so when the three were searching in books, I chose to look around in the store. I have told to them that they are not going to get any book as they had torn a book. so I thought to look for some toy and found jigsaw puzzles (4-6 pieces). first I thought it will be too much for them but then thought to give them a try, so bought two game boxes, one of animals (elephant,lion and monkey), and the other of fruits (grapes, mango and apple). after returning home I opened the one with animals to them and show them how to join the pieces. Aaku asked for elephant (she is loving elephants now a days) and Achu for monkey. now the elephant has six pieces and so it was a little difficult for Aaku to do it, on the other hand Achu seemed not at all interested in the doing job but she wanted one for her hand and as usual they exchanged the two happily. Aaku quickly learned the game and joined the four pieces of monkey. her minimum time taken was under one minute; yes she was busy with the same for five and more minutes too but I was talking about the minimum. at the same time Achu was telling me to join the pieces and showing to her papa and vice-versa.  later it became difficult to take the puzzle away from them and make them eat and sleep.

today they asked for the puzzle and I gave them the animal puzzle, lion and monkey. Aaku happily joined the pieces of both the puzzles, Achu first put the box with her and did nothing, but later when I clicked Aaku’s snaps she also tried and did well with the five piece lion.

after this success Achu is playing with it, and I saw her joining monkey perfectly with herself, again and again. 🙂

chicken stew and a new obsession

don’t think that the post is about the recipe, I am talking about the show at nick tv. my daughters are watching nick for some time and they love “Oggy and the cockroaches” . they can ask for it any time , “mummy cockroach chahiye” (mummy I want cockroach ) any other person will surely laugh at such demand. but this is the way they are talking.

OK that’s about the cockroach thing, but the next show they are watching is Chicken Stew. a show about three chicken and two wolf (i think).

there are other shows also but they love these two.

now the thing that why i am talking about the chicken stew? actually my daughters love to eat chicken and now every time I am saying them to come and have food they call each other by saying “chicken tush (stew) khayenge” (we’ll eat chicken stew). any curry, dal has become chicken stew now a days. and the expression and the joy on there faces when they say “chicken tush” is indescribable.

and now the obsession. little Achu wants to have dawai (medicine, ointment) and she looks out for the causes when she can have the dawai. all day long she pretends hundreds of times that she has hurt herself and asks, “mummy, chot laga diya. dawai lagao” ( mummy I have hurt myself. please put the ointment.). earlier when they used to get hurt I asked them to blow at the injury and they do so. (my husband laughs at this practice) but now she wants to apply the ointment. for some time I only rubbed my fingers to show that I am applying ointment and she agreed. but now she points the place where the ointment is, saying “wo dawai lagao”  (apply that ointment).

finished the rug; it turned out great…

the one unfinished project I talked about in other post is finished. and really I am amazed to see the result. when I was crocheting the squares, I was thinking that the combination of the these very different yarns is not going to work. but I kept working it as an experiment. I used all the bright colors I had, and so the rug looks like a rangoli.

pattern directions

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