chicken stew and a new obsession

don’t think that the post is about the recipe, I am talking about the show at nick tv. my daughters are watching nick for some time and they love “Oggy and the cockroaches” . they can ask for it any time , “mummy cockroach chahiye” (mummy I want cockroach ) any other person will surely laugh at such demand. but this is the way they are talking.

OK that’s about the cockroach thing, but the next show they are watching is Chicken Stew. a show about three chicken and two wolf (i think).

there are other shows also but they love these two.

now the thing that why i am talking about the chicken stew? actually my daughters love to eat chicken and now every time I am saying them to come and have food they call each other by saying “chicken tush (stew) khayenge” (we’ll eat chicken stew). any curry, dal has become chicken stew now a days. and the expression and the joy on there faces when they say “chicken tush” is indescribable.

and now the obsession. little Achu wants to have dawai (medicine, ointment) and she looks out for the causes when she can have the dawai. all day long she pretends hundreds of times that she has hurt herself and asks, “mummy, chot laga diya. dawai lagao” ( mummy I have hurt myself. please put the ointment.). earlier when they used to get hurt I asked them to blow at the injury and they do so. (my husband laughs at this practice) but now she wants to apply the ointment. for some time I only rubbed my fingers to show that I am applying ointment and she agreed. but now she points the place where the ointment is, saying “wo dawai lagao”  (apply that ointment).

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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