some things they love

please tell me where from my daughters get new ideas ? specially Achu! she seems to get bored very soon with a certain way of doing things and then comes a new idea out of her head. I think if Achu was not there Aaku would do only one thing, lay on the sofa or bed and suck her thumb. but as there is the “little Elley” in the house Aaku gets to explore and do new things or to do things in new ways. for some last weeks they could be found in any corner of the house with their dolls.

behind the sofa
a new corner

I had to search them behind the sofa, bed, door etc. and if the back door is open they would sit in the tub and play there. but now all that seems over and new things are happening here. have a look

they are standing on the bed, looking at the mirror. they talk to their images and then throw themselves in to the bed. like the free-fall.

free fall in the bed

every time they are doing this I keep worrying that they will hurt themselves but they wont listen me and start running round and round in the bed. now it may be safe with one kid doing this, it is really very unsafe when the two are running, they tend to touch each other and when touched the other would burst in giggles and fall on the bed and the other would fall over her. oh god!

they love to fly and ask me to let them fly.

and they love to read books anywhere;

want to know what did I mean by anywhere? look

like any other kid they also love to play with water; so we planned a bath for their kids on Saturday morning.

what more? yes, they love us!! đŸ™‚


Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

2 thoughts on “some things they love”

  1. Hi Anu,
    Loved to see what your daughters are upto nowadays. Also loved the things you have made for your daughters.


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