A new begining

Yes! my daughter’s have started their formal schooling from 1st of this month. I know I am posting it late but I have been quite busy for some time. I accept I didn’t train any of my daughters for the school; as I saw some of my friends… and get to know about it from some kind advices. Every one who knew that the girls will be going to school end up with his/her piece of advice on how to prepare them for school. I don’t know if I was lazy enough to work on them or confident enough that all the “crying” is not going to happen to my girls; I didn’t tried hard to prepare them.

What I did to motivate them was making things that they are gonna use for the school. I crocheted bags for them. They saw the things taking shapes and always kept asking if it was done. Every time they asked about the thing I would say this you will use for school, and they agreed. They got lunch boxes, water bottles, napkins and all this was enough to get them ready for the school.

For the first two days of school the parents were allowed to be with the child, to make them comfortable with the teachers. Both of my daughters are very shy to the strangers and hence for the two days they didn’t talk to the teachers. But they liked the place on the very first day and I had no problem leaving them with the teachers on the second day itself. They don’t tell me what they did in the school everyday but I get it from the activities they do or want to do in home. They love to go to school and I have got one more threat to them “if you will not eat this/ do this, you will not go to school” :0

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