What did I hear?

“Give me!”

That’s what Aaku said when I took the lid of the box she was playing with. I cannot explain my reaction, my feelings in words!! It was so sweet like I just tasted my favorite food… really I felt it that way. I hugged her tightly and kissed her several times. I didn’t ask her to repeat, as I didn’t want to spoil my flavor. And she was so happy to see me like this. (she loves it when I hug her tightly and kiss her all over her face.)

This was the first set of words she said, that I never used for her or her sister. The school effect is showing up!!

And now some photos from the birthday celebration of my mother (last month)


pattern direction for the Rug

As you have appreciated the rug so much, I decided to give a rough idea of how to work on it.  This is not the pattern but it is how I did it…. you are free to use your imagination for the color choices as well as the finishing. so here it is….

Squares: make seven

row1: ch 11, sl st to form a ring.

row2: ch5, *3dc, ch2*,  7 times, 2dc, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch 5.

row3: ch3, 2dc in ch2 loop, *ch1, (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in next ch2 loop, ch1, 3dc in next loop,* 3times, ch1,  (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in next ch2 loop, ch1, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch3.

row4: ch3, 2dc in loop, *ch1, (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in ch3 loop, ch1, 3dc in loop, ch1, 3dc in loop, * 3times, ch1, (3dc, ch3,3dc) in ch3 loop, ch1, 3dc in next loop, ch1, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch3.

work like above for the next rows; (3dc, ch3, 3dc) for ch3 loop and (ch1,3dc, ch1) for other loops; alternating the color of yarn after each 3rd row.

Joining the squares:

when you have made all seven squares, its time to join them.

Follow the chart to join and continue.

joining the squares

Proceeding in this way you will reach the center. When it is finished, add desired edge to the rug by working in contrast color. That’s it!  Enjoy!!

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