Loopy Crocheting and recycling

Recently I have crocheted this purse.

The stitch pattern that is used, gave it nice knitty finish. Now most of you want to know what stitch is it? The truth is “I don’t know what stitch is it!”. I saw a you tube video for this and adapted that to make this purse.

Here is the link for the video. The language is not English; I saw it when my speakers were off. That’s why I said I adapted it!





And i was busy recycling some of the old clothes to get a rag rug. This time I tried to have a pattern for the rug. And I think it has a little pattern… doesn’t it??

that’s all for now. see you all soon.


It was Aaku on the stage

Aaku had her performance on Thursday. Sorry, I have been too busy to post it earlier. So from Aaku’s side, she did the same as expected from her; stood still at her place. She was dressed as a Marathi and was looking cute in her dress.

But she came to the front with her partner, which was brave enough to her. Later when she did not started to dance on her so much loved song “Nanha Munna Rahi Hun” I went to the stage to encourage her. But that also did not help. She was too frightened to see all the parents there.

Oh! my poor baby! I know how much you love to dance, and how much you want to dance with all the kids! I wish I could make the people disappear for you!

Look at those kids, aren’t they cute!

Achala’s Performance

So the big day for Achu was yesterday, and despite of having viral fever she enjoyed it. Yes she is down with viral from last Saturday, and for that reason I didn’t let her go to school on Monday. She cried to know that she is not going to school while Aaku is going. And when I went to pick Aaku from the school Achu’s teacher requested me to send her on the next day. After seeing the performance I got to know why did she requested for her?

Now about the day of performance; Achu was dressed as a Bengali and  was looking cute.

In the hurry to school we forgot to take the camera¬† and so the photos are the one which I took earlier. The function started around 9:45am and finished around 11am. It was a wonderful feeling to see the little kids on the stage. I have seen such performances earlier when I was among the mentors and the performers were the students. Yesterday’s feelings were very different from that. I had tears in my eyes, and as she was the only one performing so well I was feeling proud of her. She was so confident on the stage. Dancing to show it, singing the song, looking at the audiences and not forgetting the steps.

No she didn’t said her dialogs, but she was standing with her partner there in front of the stage and searching her parents, and she got the energy as she saw us. All the kids were so happy to see their parents there and the way they were saying the dialogs was really cute. Among the first year kids only one girl said her dialogs. and we ended up in a loud laugh as one little girl mixed the dialogs of two acts. I really regret to not taking the camera with me and I hope tomorrow Aaku will perform a little to catch on the camera.

Independence Day Celebration Preparation

I got an invitation from my daughter’s school for the Independence Day celebration.I have no idea what will be the celebration like; may be some dances, some plays, and indeed some speeches. My little girls are enjoying the preparation, they keep singing songs like Sare Jahan Se Achha.., Nanha Munna Rahi Hun.., National Anthem all day. And dancing on those lyrics. They are really loving it!

Other then that they have to speak up a few lines also. Aaku has to dress up like a Marathi and say, ” My name is Madhuri. I live in Mumbai. i speak Marathi. But i am just like you.” Seems it is too much for her. But the school says not to force the kids to speak all this if they don’t want to. So I am not telling them to speak the lines. May be they are practicing this also in the school.

Achu has to dress up like a Bangali girl and has the lines, ” My name is Subhrtha. I live in Kolkata. I speak bengali. But I am just like you.” Achu seems to be more interested in Aaku’s lines and speaks up her lines only.

The other thing is that they have the function divided in various days. Achu has her performance on Tuesday10th and Aaku has her on Thursday12th. May be to keep the little kids comfortable, as there will not be many people watching them.

That’s all is going on now a days. Let’s see how it will be. i will let you all know about how my little girls did at the function.

Here is a picture of the two, if you were wondering how are they….

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