I got a positive note

It is about Aaku! She is very quick in catching and understanding new things and loves to explore. But since she has joined school, I occasionally get the concerns of her teacher about her ‘not speaking’. Her teacher says Aaku is very good and well behaved in all; but h it comes something to speak to, she keeps mum. “But!”, I would say to the teacher, “she is the one who speaks most of the time at the home. She starts singing rhymes the time we cross the school gate and continues till we reach home! That all in loud and clear voice, which makes people turn and smile at her.”

It is well known that how shy is my Aaku. She won’t speak to us as well if some third person is around; so that he/she would not hear her. I tried to take her to park in the evenings as the doctor told it will help. but going to the park is a nightmare for me. As in park Achu will want to be the first to go on slide and Aaku will be standing near the slide; other kids will push her back and she will never try to oppose them or go ahead of them. I get afraid of getting her hurt and on the other hand I have to look for Achu as well if she is doing well and is fine. So most of the time I avoid going to the park.

But it seems there is some improvement for the last weeks. Last week the teacher said that when she offered Aaku a chocolate, she tried to sing a rhyme. Yes she tried! As the teacher could see her lips moving but no voice was coming out. But that was brave enough for Aaku. May be in some weeks time she will be speaking with her teacher and classmates at least! Hope for best!

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

6 thoughts on “I got a positive note”

  1. Oh! My kids were like that too. But now they talk to school friends not any one else who visits. šŸ™‚

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