This post is about the picnic which left me so tired that I am writing about it after three days; and I am still tired. We went to the Innovative Film City on the family outing arranged by my husband’s office.

All the kids enjoyed the ramp walk in cafeteria soon after we arrived there.

After that we went to the mirror maze. It was fun, Aaku enjoyed it and was searching for the way as we were.

We had a merry-go-round horse ride in the cartoon city.

Aaku played in bouncy when her father was on roller-coaster ride.

Look Achu didn’t like anything there.

So we had a little break for sipping some juice

I thought playing in water will change Achu’s mood; so we went to the aqua park. But she was still not ready to change her mood.

After seeing Achu enjoying in the water she agreed to go with them in the pool. (after 20 minutes.)

And they were so happy, they said no to come out of the water and played there for about one hr.

After lunch we wanted to go into some museums there but Achu said a firm no and cried loud for not listening to her. So we had to skip them. I tried roller skates there, it was fun. looked so easy but after putting on the skates you get to know the reality.

A separate packet of popcorn brought a smile on Achu’s face.

Aaku had so much fun there and was dancing on the music


Knitting and crocheting

Its been a while since I talked about what is on my hooks and needles. So this post is going to be all about knitting and crocheting I have been doing. Actually I did not do much in past months due to some lack of interest. I still have my two thread projects to be completed, one garment half done for my daughter, and one more I am thinking of starting. I know I know I should finish first and then start another one but what can I do if  I don’t feel like finishing them. Every time I take them out thinking to get them finished and put them back after a while without working even a row. I feel I am in need of a break. So I took a little break from crocheting and was doing some knitting for a change.

I saw a test knitting request at Ravelry and volunteered to do it. It was for a cute dress named Silver Belle . I started it with Orange color and added White color for the stripes.

It is very heavy to wear at Bangalore and may be my daughters will wear it sometime when at hometown in winter.

I tried to get a modeled shot for it but the camera battery ditched me at the time when Aaku was wearing it and after I recharged it she refused to wear it again.

With this month long project I also knitted Whirligig Shrug for girl size. now this pattern will be available in most of the girl sizes from 4 to 12. It was a pattern I loved but could not knit as it was only available in child sizes. So when the designer Stefanie asked for the testing for girl sizes I asked her to let me do it and I got to test this pattern. It was a quick knit; I finished it within a week. And later gifted it to a friend’s daughter as her birthday gift. perfect timing 🙂

This is the front view

and with these  I  did a little crocheting

and these


Quick “Kachumber”

I see Kachumber as Indian salsa, it is quick, full of flavors and healthy. It can be served with roti, parantha, chila etc. or can be taken as quick snack.

All you need for this is

2tbsp  curd

1tbsp tomato chili sauce

2 tbsp finely chopped capsicum

2tbsp finely chopped tomato

2tbsp finely chopped papaya

2tbsp finely chopped onion

fresh coriander leaves to garnish

Just add all the ingredients; add salt if you like to and serve .

Their is no hard and fast rule of ingredients for Kachumber. At our village they add lots of green leafy vegetables to it as well. But I am not the one who can eat them uncooked so I avoid them. You can add fruits, lime juice, jaggery as well according to your taste.


Observation at school

It has been four months since my daughters had started schooling. And whenever anyone asks “what did you do at school?’ there are only two replies

1) “Kam kiya.” (Did some work.)

2) “Khana khaya.” (Ate the food.)

So when the observation session was scheduled for them last week, we were excited about it. Aakanksha’s observation was on last Wednesday. When she got to know that I will be coming to her school she was very happy. So the session started at 9am and was supposed to end at 10:30am.

Aakanksha showed me jigsaw puzzles, matching, shorting the beads, color tabs, geometrical shapes, tower, blocks, long rods etc.She did everything perfectly, without any help or instruction. Her teachers say she is very quick in everything and the only problem they face with her is that she doesn’t talk.

To her teacher’s surprise Aaku solved a geometrical shapes puzzle (it had 5-6 same shapes like triangles of five types, or Quadrilateral of five types etc.) Her teacher saw her with the material and said, “how can you do it? We have not done it yet.” and when I said her that she had already done it, she was surprised. Just looking at others doing that she got the concept and did that by herself. She is really a quick learner. i wish she starts speaking to her teachers soon so that she don’t get frustrated at school repeating the same things all the time. For the next level activities she must speak.

For Achala’s observation both of us went with her. It was scheduled on the next working day after Aakanksha’s observation and so when I step into the car in the morning with them to school Aaku was so happy that I was again coming to her class. She held my hand tightly and did not allow their school maid to help her with taking her sandals out.  I had to tell her that I was not coming with her and to go out of the school gate to convince her. Only after she went to her class I went to Achala’s class.

Achala also showed all the same things to us. But I could see that she don’t bother about why and how of things. She tries every available option without thinking the logic behind the task. She is smart and so says her teacher. She showed me making roti, ragi pouring as well for which Aaku said “NO”.

We got the collection of their drawings from the school and now both are busy with them. The Dushara holidays has started and they are not ready for this, they want to go to school.

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