Knitting and crocheting

Its been a while since I talked about what is on my hooks and needles. So this post is going to be all about knitting and crocheting I have been doing. Actually I did not do much in past months due to some lack of interest. I still have my two thread projects to be completed, one garment half done for my daughter, and one more I am thinking of starting. I know I know I should finish first and then start another one but what can I do if  I don’t feel like finishing them. Every time I take them out thinking to get them finished and put them back after a while without working even a row. I feel I am in need of a break. So I took a little break from crocheting and was doing some knitting for a change.

I saw a test knitting request at Ravelry and volunteered to do it. It was for a cute dress named Silver Belle . I started it with Orange color and added White color for the stripes.

It is very heavy to wear at Bangalore and may be my daughters will wear it sometime when at hometown in winter.

I tried to get a modeled shot for it but the camera battery ditched me at the time when Aaku was wearing it and after I recharged it she refused to wear it again.

With this month long project I also knitted Whirligig Shrug for girl size. now this pattern will be available in most of the girl sizes from 4 to 12. It was a pattern I loved but could not knit as it was only available in child sizes. So when the designer Stefanie asked for the testing for girl sizes I asked her to let me do it and I got to test this pattern. It was a quick knit; I finished it within a week. And later gifted it to a friend’s daughter as her birthday gift. perfect timing 🙂

This is the front view

and with these  I  did a little crocheting

and these



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I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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