This post is about the picnic which left me so tired that I am writing about it after three days; and I am still tired. We went to the Innovative Film City on the family outing arranged by my husband’s office.

All the kids enjoyed the ramp walk in cafeteria soon after we arrived there.

After that we went to the mirror maze. It was fun, Aaku enjoyed it and was searching for the way as we were.

We had a merry-go-round horse ride in the cartoon city.

Aaku played in bouncy when her father was on roller-coaster ride.

Look Achu didn’t like anything there.

So we had a little break for sipping some juice

I thought playing in water will change Achu’s mood; so we went to the aqua park. But she was still not ready to change her mood.

After seeing Achu enjoying in the water she agreed to go with them in the pool. (after 20 minutes.)

And they were so happy, they said no to come out of the water and played there for about one hr.

After lunch we wanted to go into some museums there but Achu said a firm no and cried loud for not listening to her. So we had to skip them. I tried roller skates there, it was fun. looked so easy but after putting on the skates you get to know the reality.

A separate packet of popcorn brought a smile on Achu’s face.

Aaku had so much fun there and was dancing on the music

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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