“Role Playing” is the game

Now a days both the girls are busy with each other only because they are playing the “role play” game all the time. as I am writing it down they are playing teacher-student in the other room. All this makes me smile and sometimes laugh aloud. They love to play teacher and student and sometimes mother and baby and the third choice is mother and father to their toy baby.

When they are teacher and student I get to know a lot about what happens at the school. They treat each other as the student giving her a name of fellow classmate and talk to each other as their teacher talks to them. Sometimes with love sometimes with care, sometimes ordering and sometimes requesting to each other. Wow! I love to sit in a chair and watch them playing. They look so cute when they say “are you not a good baby? “; “Achala, aapki mummy aayegi, fir aap gher jaogi.”; “aapko susu aa rahi hai? come I’ll take you to bathroom.”. I am noticing that they are using more and more English in their conversation these days. And Aaku is so keen to speak in English that when she does not find a word she creates a new one to use instead of talking in Hindi. Most of the time I have to think twice about what she is talking about.

When they play Mother and Baby they do all short of things that I do for them. They will dress, feed, make sleep, love, hug, kiss, take to bathroom, cook the food, …. etc. And when they do all this my home does not remain the same… they take out all the things they need for the particular act ; As when they are making a baby to sleep, they go to the bedroom take out the pillows (all of them) and the blankets out in the hall; when they are cooking they will take out the utensils from  the kitchen. and when they move on to the other act the hall is full with bowls, spoons, glasses, plates, pillows, books, toys and all the other things they can get out of their places. But the cute thing is that when I say them that I have to clean up the room they are always ready to help me for that. they always put  their toys properly when I ask them to do so. Do you know why? Because that is also a game for them… playing me! They ask for the duster and want to clean up like I do 🙂

This game keeps them busy for a long time and they show a lot of affection to each other while playing the role play… that is why I am loving the game.


Happy Third Birthday

My little cuties turned THREE on Saturday 30th.

The two little birthday babies were too happy to wear a party dress and as soon they were ready they asked their papa to change his clothes to go to the party. They thought we were going to some party 🙂 they understood it was their b’day only after the guests wish them a happy b’day. Otherwise they were happy to say it was Chiya’s (their friend) b’day.

They as all other kids love the cake (frosting ;)) and were waiting eagerly to get a piece of it. But when they got to cut the cake; they thought cutting a cake was more fun and kept cutting it for a while. Even Chiya couldn’t resist herself and asked to hold the knife later.

After the cake the snacks.

But the kids were busy with cake actually.

Even Tintin was helping himself

Achu was missing so Tintin joined to complete the family photo 🙂



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