Twin moment of the year


Welcome 2011 !!

New year gives the opportunity to start anew and I am also looking for a new start to everything . I want to organize my life and what better time could be to start other then the new year. I have listed some tasks I want to do in the coming year and hope to finish at least some of them. (you can check them on the page ’20 things to do in 2011′). It was quite time taking to list them, and I am still thinking ‘can I do that?’.

My wishes to you all for a new year. Let’s welcome a new year of hope and opportunities, courage and strength, ideas and creations, happiness and joy. Be it a year of new heights.



Elderly Advice

As you know that I was concerned about Aaku as she was not talking at all in the school to her teachers. For a while it looked like she is overcoming to that thing but now it has become a serious (at least for me) problem. When she didn’t gave any verbal responses to her teacher I asked her teacher to get her group tasks thinking that maybe peer pressure will do some help; they are in Montessori system where there is no place for such thing. But she didn’t responded for that as well. So I suggested to keep Achu and Aaku together; they are in different environments. I don’t know how much it is helping them but Aaku is now getting advices all day long from none other but Achu; to talk to her teacher.

That was the funny side but I am really concerned about her now. Whenever anyone asks her about that she skips the talk or changes the subject. and for some days she has started to say “Mujhe number rods nahi achha lagta” {I don’t like number rods} just because she has to talk to her teacher during this activity.

I was concidering Montessori schooling for them but now I am very confused about the whole thing. Should I change her schooling?? Or give her more time?? I am not complaining as she is learning all the things and I can see that, she even does the mock number rod activity at home with Achu, But her teacher also needs the feedback of her work and that she can get by the response of the student; for which she is still waiting. Any advices ……????


Working on…..

It seems that I have been quite for a while on the front of needlework, but the fact is I am working on and on but unable to finish a single project in last months. Some of the projects are on the finishing line but as they took so long to reach there I am not feeling like finishing them. The Girandole doily is the one waiting to get finished.

I started this project in July and now working on the final rows of pineapples which are to be worked on by one . It has 16 pineapples on the border and I have done only 1 till now. It will take at least three days or one undisturbed sittingĀ  to finish it, but I don’t know when I will do that.


There are two more projects which are waiting to get finished but every time I get them out some problem shows up with the pattern and I put them back into their bags. I need a little more time for them to think out the solutions and then work on them.

It really seems a crime to start a new project while having some to get finished but it gets necessary to get a breath of fresh air at these situations. And the best way to get motivated is to finish some project . So when my sister asked me to knit for her I said yes to her. So I have started a new project.

but it has a deadline to finish so I think I will finish it; and then will have to move back to those UFO’s.

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