It’s Observation time (Aaku)

Aaku’s observation was from 10:45 am to 12:00 noon. I had asked (actually I threatened him by saying I’ll not go if you won’t come ) DH to come for her observation. We reached at school at 11 o’clock and Aaku simply refused to do anything , and for 15min she was sitting on my lap seeing other children doing activities. She refused to go with the teacher to get the supplies for the activities. At last she said she will show the shapes box to us and asked me to come with her to get the cards and the box for the activity. This was the same activity she had shown me in the last observation, but her father was observing her for the first time so I helped her to get all she needed. After the activity was finished the teacher and I asked her to show us the Number Rodbut she said she want to show Long Rods not the number rods. I said that show first long rods and then number rods she denied; we had no choice but surrender to her choice. When she showed the long rods I said to get the other rods in two different colors (number rods) and said I’ll come with her to get them from the inside room. She paused for a while and then followed me to the other room to get the number rods.

Her teacher was sitting just next to us with another kid and when she said to Aaku if she will do it with her? she just ignored her and came near to her papa. We asked her to show what to do with those rods then she counted the numbers properly and even counted to get the desired rod out of the pile. i.e. I asked her if she can count and get the rod of five; she counted till five and got the rod. her teacher said that she was seeing Aaku for the first time doing that. The next activity was the sand paper tracing for numbers. It helps to recognize the numbers. Her teacher said she doesn’t want to say the numbers when asked but when I asked her she responded alright. The teacher was amused and said that all she is doing is learnt by seeing others not from the teacher. Shas not started phonics as she does not speak to the teachers at all.

Later we went to the head for the all round report and the feed backs ; as we had thought she showed concern that Aaku is not cooperating with her teacher for the next level activities. She asked to do the counting and phonic activities at home so that her learning won’t suffer and thought to give Aaku  time as much she wants to get adjusted in the environment.


Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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