Rapunzel Magic

We went to see movie!! Yes we went to see movie with the girls for the first time. It was the Disney movie Tangled As my DH said we are going to see the movie I got a little confused if we should take the girls to the movie or not; I said to him that may be the girls are not prepared for that experience, but till then the girls got the news! “We are going to see cartoon on a big TV!” And it wast waste of time to tell them that the plan was canceled, so we went to see movie.

Achu was sitting on my lap and Aaku was on her papa’s. Both were excited about the movie but when the lights were turned off  and the movie started the little girl on my lap murmured “want to go susu” WHAT?? I asked as if I heard it incorrect, and she said it again! “What happened?” asked DH. As I told him the matter Aaku overheard it and she also asked to go out. First I felt that I should take them out to toilet, but then I remembered their old habit; whenever they want to get away from the scene they want to go to toilet. I thought maybe this is the reason they are saying so, hence I said to both that when the movie will finish then only we can go out to the toilet. Aaku said ok and started watching the movie, she was enjoying it. “It is the cute little baby princess with the king and queen”, I kept talking to Achu to let her be comfortable about what is going on and if she can see it, if she is enjoying it… She only nodded her head in yes that she is liking the princess and started watching  the movie. She looked a little frightened but was watching keenly. She kept her silence throughout the movie while Aaku laughed , squealed loud and enjoyed every moment.

Ask them now about the movie and they will say, “Uncle ne queen ke bal tod diye” {“Uncle broke the hair of the queen“} and when we say “tode nahin cut kiye” {he didn’t broke them but cut them} they both say no “tod diye” {no he broke them} 🙂

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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