Funny name! Isn’t it! Actually it is a Garhwali dish made with black soybeans. This is my favorite  dish; I love the whole beans which are so yummy in the whole wheat aata curry. As all the other dishes from Garhwal, it is also is very simple with very few ingredients and very good taste.



3/4 cup black soybeans

4 tbsp whole wheat aata

1 tsp ginger-garlic paste

1 tsp coriander powder

1/2 tsp turmeric powder

1 tsp chili powder

salt to taste

1 tsp oil

1 tsp cumin seeds

5-6 cups water

coriander leaves to garnish


Heat oil in a kadahi.

Add cumin seeds and let them crackle.

Add the soybeans and saute for a while.

Cover and let them crackle on medium heat. Check and saute constantly otherwise you can burn them.

Meanwhile mix all the remaining ingredients and add water to make a thin paste.

When most of the soybeans are crackled, add the mixture.

Let it cook for 10 – 12 minutes. Adjust the seasoning and thickness of the curry according to your taste.

Turn off the heat. Garnish and serve with hot white rice.



February Doily is done

I am done with my February Doily.

I worked on Bruegs Lace for the first time and I was a little nervous about it. But it turned out OK and i am happy with the results.

Bruges Lace seems to be difficult but it is really easy and quite fun. I just had to look for the joins.

This was the first time I worked in Bruges lace, and I felt all the time I chose wrong thread for the project. The original pattern called for no 40 crochet cotton and size 11hook.

I got very disappointed with the end results and started half hearted on blocking. But as I started to block the lace I got the surprising changes in the appearance of the doily. It was a little tedious task to block every loop of the lace but was fruitful to me.

Isn’t she looking cute…

I stitched a dress for Aaku and she is loving it! It is salwar kameez with dupatta; she asked for the dupatta. Have a look

Isn’t she looking pretty?  The dress is made out of my old dress which I was never going to use again. I liked the front detail of that dress and so decided to recycle my dress into Aaku’s dress. She was waiting for it eagerly and is happy to have the dress.

Oh my! How the dress has changed her appearance. She is looking grown up in this.

Yes the salwar was a little long for her earlier but I have fixed it now. And look at the front detail of the dress, wasn’t it worth the workout?

And now Achu is digging into my fabric stash to get a good color for her and as I know her she is going to choose Pink!

January Doily

I finished it on 1st Feb but couldn’t post till now. This is pineapple doily #48 from Nihon Vogue book Pineapple Lace I used about 4 balls (20g each) of white and 2 balls of pink Red Rose crochet cotton no. 20 [I still have to block the doily.]

It was not planned!!

Last weekend I asked DH to take us to Maland Mela; a showcase of products and local art from the forest gardens and homes of women from the Vanastree collective. It represents  traditional and ecologically-sensitive practices of Malnad. He agreed and we were set to go there on Sunday afternoon. Just half an hour before leaving the house DH asked me what is the address, and I told the address to him; he spent about 15 to 20 minutes on the computer to check the route to the fair.  So we were on the right track according to the directions but sadly we couldn’t locate Golden Beads School, 157 Richmond Road. We were on that area but no one knew where the school was.

With no choice left we thought to go to Lalbagh instead; but that also was not a smooth ride. DH took wrong turn just in front of the main gate. Now Lalbagh has other gates too so he thought ‘why to take turn’  and drove to the next gate. But there is no parking facility at any gate other than at double road gate; the main gate. So we had to drive to around the Lalbagh to reach at the main gate. After that all went well (Thank God!).

Achu and Aaku enjoyed there a lot, they liked the flowers and plants; but they liked the squirrels most and were running behind them. They liked the fountain, the lake; actually they liked the Pelican in the lake.

Image source

It was an unplanned visit so we didn’t have our camera. We took a few photos on mobile but I don’t know to upload from that 😦

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