At Home…

It’s been two weeks since the holidays started for my daughters. They are at home and I am quite busy with them all the day. We have been doing random activities till the last week; as I was thinking of putting them in some summer camp. But those are so expensive!! As I am not working I can take care of my kids by myself; I just wanted to introduce them to new activities and keep them busy and creative at the same time. At home they tend to repeat the same things daily and also they are missing their friends. Now I have decided to introduce them to new activities by myself, and they are loving it as they have control to choose when they want to do and when not.

I did introduced them paper folding last week and now they are showing me different shapes all day long with papers.

Yesterday we visited the craft shop and picked up some blocks. So they are busy with them today and will be till the next activity 🙂

Achu’s leaves;

Aaku’s flowers;

Achu tried as much colors as she can, in paper and in block as well, she didn’t leave the black and tried with pink color to get the print;

After that we left the prints to dry and tried our hands on tracing;

We used the block game for tracing the different shapes;

Aaku tried to trace  the more curvy figures;

Achu opted to trace from the frame, and filling the shapes was the real fun;

For Aaku as well;


It’s lovely!!

I finished my test knitting for the seamless flower t shirt. What a lovely pattern is it!! I am impressed with its construction; it was started from the middle and is a top down knit. I was a little hesitant when I saw the dress thinking if I could do it. But the skills needed were not new to me so I volunteered to test it and I am happy that I chose this pattern. The designer has done a wonderful job in writing the pattern, very clear instructions with pictures wherever you need them.

It is the 1.5-2yrs size I tested but fits to Achu very well. (you all know how lean she is)

She is loving this.

A new chef in the house

My daughters are playing  and enjoying in the kitchen very often. They’ll come every-time I come in the kitchen and work behind me. They’ll gather the bowls, plates, spoons and ask what would you like to have.

Last night I was busy rolling chapaties when Achu came in the kitchen and asked, “main aapke liye kya banaoon?” {what should I cook for you?}

I just said that I don’t want anything.

Achu: “phir main kya banaoon?” {what should I cook then?}

Me: “Why don’t you ask your papa?”

She went outside and I heard her saying

“papa main aapke liye sandwich banaoon?” {Papa, shell I make sandwich for you?}

Papa is busy with tv and overheard her.

She came into the kitchen and said that pap is not saying anything.

Me: “Why don’t you make sandwich and omlatte for your papa.”

She nodded and started working with her plate and bowl. After a while she went out with a plate in her hand and handed over it to her father saying it’s a sandwich for him. Came back in the kitchen and started working for the omlatte. And I heard her saying,

Achu: Ismain pani dalenge. {I’ll add some water to it.}

Me: Achu, we don’t use water in omlatte.

Achu: Dalte hain! Main aapko dikhati hun. {We use! See, I’ll show you.}

And she took the user manual of oven (that book was the nearest to her), turned some pages and kept her finger over the prints and said, dekho ye likha hai, pani!! { “see, here it is written, water!“}

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