A new chef in the house

My daughters are playing  and enjoying in the kitchen very often. They’ll come every-time I come in the kitchen and work behind me. They’ll gather the bowls, plates, spoons and ask what would you like to have.

Last night I was busy rolling chapaties when Achu came in the kitchen and asked, “main aapke liye kya banaoon?” {what should I cook for you?}

I just said that I don’t want anything.

Achu: “phir main kya banaoon?” {what should I cook then?}

Me: “Why don’t you ask your papa?”

She went outside and I heard her saying

“papa main aapke liye sandwich banaoon?” {Papa, shell I make sandwich for you?}

Papa is busy with tv and overheard her.

She came into the kitchen and said that pap is not saying anything.

Me: “Why don’t you make sandwich and omlatte for your papa.”

She nodded and started working with her plate and bowl. After a while she went out with a plate in her hand and handed over it to her father saying it’s a sandwich for him. Came back in the kitchen and started working for the omlatte. And I heard her saying,

Achu: Ismain pani dalenge. {I’ll add some water to it.}

Me: Achu, we don’t use water in omlatte.

Achu: Dalte hain! Main aapko dikhati hun. {We use! See, I’ll show you.}

And she took the user manual of oven (that book was the nearest to her), turned some pages and kept her finger over the prints and said, dekho ye likha hai, pani!! { “see, here it is written, water!“}


Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

One thought on “A new chef in the house”

  1. What darling little girls you have! And yes, she must have NEEDED water in her papa’s “omlatte”!

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