This all happened without any complain or fighting.



I usually crochet things that are decorative and useful. So when there was a CAL to make bags in Ravelry, I thought to try. The search for the pattern was not difficult as I had one in my favorites list. And here is the final project:

I used cotton yarn for the bag and did a cotton lining for it. Added a zipper pocket as well.

The handles are made of wooden beads which I found in nearby store.

Have you heard of Rolly-Polly

They are singing.. loud and clear. That is the Rolly-Polly song they learned in the school. And why they are singing this particular song? Because I have made some Chaklies. Seeing how I was making them they named them rolly-polly 🙂

They were watching me very carefully in every step, and eagerly waiting for the Chaklies.

And once I was done with first lot, they just couldn’t wait then. One by one they cleared the plate. And soon were asking for more.

Still so far

My doily for the last month is not done yet. I don’t know how the time is flying… I still have to do a lot of work to finish this one.

I am working on row 30 now.

After this row I have to work three more rows and then make the flowers. I think it is going to take more then one week.

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