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Petite Purls- Summer 2011 issue is out

Petite purls summer issue is out and this time it’s about toys!

There are all kind of information about the toys in the issue with lovely patterns to sew, knit and crochet. The great thing is that it has one of my pattern in it. It’s the puppet pattern named “You Can’t Catch Me!”

It is a set of finger and hand puppet of monkey and crocodile. My daughters love to sing along the rhymes with numbers; specially the one with monkeys. So when I heard the rhyme “five little monkeys swinging from a tree, teasing mister crocodile, you can’t catch me!” I knew my next project immediately. Hence these puppets were created and the rhyme time is more fun now. These puppets are fun way to introduce the numbers and counting while playing with them.

I am sure you all are going to love these puppets, and all the other patterns from the summer issue of Petite Purls.

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