we made cookies

and they are in hourse, sheep and pig shapes. we used the farm animal coocie cutter set to get the shapes.

dough and the cutters

the girls had a lot of fun in this process.

here comes the pig!
five pigs and one horse…

and here they come out of the oven..

mmmm…. fresh and fragrant

I used the basic sugar cookie recipie and they are tasty! I am sure they will not last even a week 🙂 


The trio…

I was telling my hubby that I want to add some colors to the house as everything is so monotonic here. On that day later I saw a colorful hotpad pattern and thought I must make it. The pattern used Broomstick lace which I have never used before and also I don’t have the broomstick needle. But I thought to give the pattern a try and used a marker as the broomstick needle… and the result was quite satisfying

 so I went ahead and made two more. And now here they are …

all we did…

we have been away , but now are back. And it would be great to share pics of the days when we could not access the net, so that you all have an idea what all we did.

we celebrated our fourth b'day in our new house
we visited our hometown
we were just in front of the Himalaya
it was nice to hold the wild flowers
we prayed for 'no raining during Chacha's wedding'
we put haldi on chacha's face (it was so crowded there)
we danced in the shiv tample (away from the crowd)
we liked the tample
we visited Kalimath with Chacha and new Chachi (red color chachi 🙂
again... and fun!
we had a wonderful time with dada and dadi
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