A delima

Now that my daughters are about to complete two years in their school, we have to decide on how they will work on the coming year. Usually the children, in their school,in third year are trained according to the traditional schools so that when they go to a big school, they are mentally ready for it.

now the head of the school called me and asked me about my plans about the kids. She wants them to continue for one more year before they go to the classroom kind of environment; that means they will take two more years before going to the 1st standard.

According to her if they will continue for one more year in Montessori system they are going to be more independent and confident when they reach at the 1st std.

We have time till the month of march to see how they are doing and what to do. But the delima  is that on the pace Aaku is doing she will surely reach the bar to go in the classroom next year , on the other hand I don’t see Achu anywhere near  there. So if till the end of session if Achu is not reaching to that point we’ll have to hold Aaku also. The reason is that if only one of them is going in the classroom session next year, it is going to leave negative mark on the other!

I have time till second week of march to think!

I think they both will continue with Montessori system next year also!



Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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