They are mine, here are their princesses;

DH bought this Disney princess puzzle for daughter’s and they are loving it! It’s a 100 piece zigsaw puzzle and both of them want to play with it all the time.

Most of the times they share it and choose which color princesses they want to do. but sometimes one want to do whole by herself too 🙂


Bharwan Shimla Mirch i.e. Stuffed Capsicum

I am not a fan of stuffed capsicum as I always feel they don’t taste best in this recipe. So I cooked them in oven with tomato gravy. It was so tasty that both of my daughters ate whole of their shares. I’ll surely make them regularly. 🙂

Bharwan baingan i.e. stuffed brinjal

This is first in stuffed vegetables series.

I still need more practice with this recipe, but it was far better this time as I have made these one time earlier and knew the mistakes.

Cooking technique week 2: Stuffed vegetables

Everyone loves variations and if it is with regular cooking it makes the day. So I decided to do something with the same daily used vegetables and stuffing was the idea. So now I’ll be doing stuffed vegetables all the week.  I am all excited and thinking of the options… aalooo, gobhi, bhindi, karela…..

Friends and fun

my daughters are busy now a days with dancing; as they are practicing for their annual day function. they want me to put the music on and will dance till they are tired. I wish I could upload video, maybe soon 🙂

Other than that they are coloring all around with crayons. making gifts for their friends.

This is achu’s gift for her friend, she wanted it to be decorated with beads so I offered some sequins from my collection.

This one is Aku’s as you can get to know by seeing the neat finishing and perfect locations of the sequins.



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