And here is the senorita

She is covered with handmade from head to toe 🙂

That dress is made by me from my old sari, those earrings are made by crocheting over her old unused bangles. Even that necklace is also crocheted.. I am very happy and proud that she loved everything and enjoyed them.

Here she is at the function, waiting for her performance.


Dressing up a senorita

I crocheted some accessories for my daughter’s annual day performance.


She will be dancing on the song “Senorita”, so I crocheted this flower for her hair.

My happy doll

My daughter will be dancing on the song “Resham ka roomal” on the annual day celebration of the school. She got her outfit today and is so happy that she is dancing around.

Showing off her dress

And as it was a new dress Achu also wanted one… and she got this

and now both are happily playing



Felting Fun


Suddenly I felt like I need a bag! I checked online but I can’t work with instructions from the net and I don’t like those B/W printouts, they don’t encourage me to work. So I thought to check in my collection if I can make something nice from what I have. I had this book “Bags that rock” and the yarn for quite some time… but was afraid to try a new technique! after a lot of thinking I choose to go with the pattern “Laura Petrie” The pattern uses three colors but I haw wool in two colors only… so I used two colors only. It was an easy and quick knit. the felting instructions given in the book were for the washing machine, but I tried it with my hands… I was so afraid if everything is going to be ok.. but as after some time I started noticing the change I was so happy . So now I have a nice felted bag… which needs lining 😛

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