Where are they?

…. they are not with toys!

…..they are not in the kitchen!

…..they are not in front of TV!

Where are they???

Here they are ! Busy from the morning in reading the books we got from the library.


from nowhere…

We had our lunch and I was cleaning the table… Achu came and asked for paper, colors and scissors. Why? I asked and Aaku came with their magazine which has a ‘how to make’ section, they wanted to make fur tree as shown in the book. OK I said and happily they were running around me until I finished my work.

So it was a tree. we draw and cut the paper…

colored all the sides according to our taste….


who wanted a boring green tree? we like it full of colors 🙂

every side is ready…


time to join..

here is Aaku’s tree..

here is Achu’s tree..

work and rest

My daughters are becoming more curious in really helping me, they will come in scene in anytime and ask “can I help you mummy?”. At least that question can have an answer as no but at times they will ask “I want to help you, what should I do?”

they are chopping some vegetables, rolling some chapaties, stirring some gravies and sometimes preparing the morning tea. So every time I am working in the kitchen I keep myself ready for what I can ask them to do if they are interested.

and there is a new game for them… to rest in the bookshelf as pretending to be in house 🙂

Blue beauty

Not following to my this year resolution to finish the wip’s I had started this beautiful scarf by Shebby knits after I went Silk yarn shopping earlier this year. But it also became a wip as it was on the needles for more then eight months. recently I felt like knitting and picked it up. I knitted it every day one hour for three weeks and it is done . I have put it for blocking now.

the yarn is Matka silk from Silkindian Bangalore.

Some sewing

These are not new, I had this red Saree with nice work on the pallu from Jaipur. I turned that into Sharara Suit for my daughter.



and here she is wearing that for the school function with Aaku

and the other piece of the saree turned into the well seen dress which she wore as senorita for the school function


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