happy new year

Wishing you all a very happy new year 2013


 moment of the year 2012


Aaku in C mode :)

C= creative

yes she is creating.. all by herself.

As we are having the holidays I am mostly busy with my cleaning, cooking, crafting etc. but the kids don’t have anything extra to do… they are starting their days with reading books and then shifting to the playing and watching tv…  they are really bored of this and daily are asking to go to school.

in all this they have become  interested in creating things (blame to art attack from Disney tv) they will see something and ask me for the supplies… sometimes I don’t have… Achu will be sad and will get busy in playing with toys but Aaku started creating puzzles. she is gifting them to us all the time 🙂


here is Achu puzzle (with tattoos on face), mini puzzle (she made it by putting her mini doll in her front), papa puzzle (at the corner) and another Achu puzzle (shhhh…I misplaced one piece somewhere).

Here is her tiny airplane


you can see it is less then the half of our remote, and it has a smiling face too.

and the next is her cute wall hanging..


here she is following the instructions to create the fur tree which I showed her how to do.


In all these Achu is also trying to create… here is her gift to me… looking like a tulip


you can see in background are the greeting cards made by both of them 🙂

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas to all 🙂 I was quite busy with all the Christmas crafts for the children in my class and the practice for the function after holidays, it was leaving me so exhausted … but now as I got a weeks holidays I am back to my crafts. I finished this table mat, one more is on its way, as a part of C/KAL in my Ravelry group. and the next I am going to finish the edging to this baby blanket


an outing

We went on a picnic on last Saturday.  The picnic was organised by my DH’s company for the employers and family at Prakrithi resort  Bangalore.

Achu decided to swing instead of jumping in the bouncy.  DSC00857and so did Aku



Slide was the next big hit



hey had a bubble show for children and each of them enjoyed it be a big child or a little one.



Chasing the bubbles



and we were provided kite making kits, on which I tried my hand and succeeded to make one. But it didn’t fly and soon Achu was trying her hand on it



she tried hard



and harder



and she was running with it for a lot of time in the sunny weather…  so they felt so good when I asked to take out the warm clothes and put on the sunglasses






some rest



and again on the go



counting tiles in garden



and checking what they got as gift



It was a day full of activities and the kids enjoyed a lot.


carrot halwa candies

I love carrots, the red ones. And now as the season has begun I can see red juicy carrots at every vegetable shop.  Last time I was buying vegetables I bought around a kg of carrots and they were so soft, juicy, sweet that I could not resist  and immediately went to buy the other ingredient for the carrot halwa or I should say Gazar Ka Halwa that is Khova. and that’s all I needed to make quick halwa. It was finished as soon as it was served. But I saved a little for the next day lunch box. To keep in kids lunch box I prepared these candies by wrapping a little in foil. and they were happy to see the candies that they demanded one for each friend.



the photo was taken after the lunch box was packed… so only this much 🙂

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