playing with Jute

I have been knitting with this beautiful yarn with jute and cotton mix to make a market bag. Here is the bag all done!



The yarn feels quite stiff when you touch it first and I struggled in winding it into a ball. but I didn’t find any difficulty in knitting with it until the first row of k2tog, that was the place I had to knit carefully as I was not able to hold two sts together at first, but didn’t face this in later rows. overall the yarn was a great experience with jute and I loved working with it.


Montessori house of children’s day

It was their third Montessori house of children day, and I could see the change in their personalities through these years. they are more confident, ready to join in to new things and show off what they know in front of the group of people they hardly know. I am a happy mother 🙂










a little affair

I had these in my Ravelry queue for more that six months! yesterday when I was checking my queue I saw these and immediately picked my hook and thread and here they are…



the pattern is Tinsel creatures by Silvia Graciela Insaurralde. It is quick and I may be having more of them.


I am so pleased the way my kids are learning things from all around. recently they are watching the Art Attack show on Disney tv and are so liking it. they are learning  just by watching the host crafting, drawing and sketching and I must say they are not copying but applying. and the recent most came as a surprise to me as Aaku draw a cute little princess all by her paint brush without any dummy in front!



she painted it with the colors from her heart and had a great description of what all was in the painting and the significance of the colors she had used.




new year hopes

I am late in posting this… but I still feel that better late than never 🙂

as I wished Happy New year to my FIL day before yesterday, he laughed loudly and said now you are wishing and I replied as I could not catch you on new year  I missed wishing you, but it is still Jan so I can still wish you so! see how clever I am! and now I am applying the same logic to post late!!

Back to the topic… so  have plans (don’t know how much i’ll follow) to create 52 things crafty in 52 weeks of this year. I’ll try to post about my craft creation of the week as they come live, so please wish me all the best for my plan.

And now check my first FO in this category:  a simple dress sewn for myself, done in four days…



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