polka dot 2

So I had made a polka dot frock for Achu… now it is for Aaku! have a look ūüôā

2013-05-26 09.38.19

and together

2013-05-26 09.49.04

enjoying sea breeze

2013-05-26 09.35.14


Blog award

I received an award from wilphil; the Versatile Blogger award!!

Thanks wilphil for appreciation ūüôā

The Versatile Blogger award Rules:

  • ¬†Thank the person who gave you this award and include a link to their blog.
  • Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.

Ok Here I go:

1. I am always out of words when they are needed most. ūüėõ

2. I wish I could live near my parents and in-laws. miss them on every celebration.

3. I am a bad organizer, at least at home. I am good on day one, bad on another and worst on another day.

4. I am a trained teacher for high schools, but for now enjoying with the pre-schoolers.

5.I wished for twins since my collage days and have twin daughters.

6. I love anything sweet!

7. I tried to loose weight but now I feel I am good and need not so…

  • Select 15 excellent bloggers you follow regularly and nominate them for the Versatile Blogger Award (include a link to their blog)

I don’t know 15 but am selecting as much as I can

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Craftinforlife http://craftingforlife.wordpress.com/

Everythingyourmamamade http://everythingyourmamamade.com/


Click on The Versatile Blogger Award for more on this award.


something new

I have been busy with my sewing machine for a while. I had bought a lot of fabric from my last RCPuram trip for different things, but some times you just buy and don’t know what you’ll do with that. I also had bought some fabric just like that… and last week I was browsing net and came across a simple pouch using circular piece of fabric, and I had to make it!¬†Luckily I had the matching fabric for piping and matching zipper as well! So here it is…

2013-05-11 09.41.40and the coaster on cardboard weaver are done

2013-05-11 12.21.30


Next is a bag which is done in patchwork print fabric

2013-05-15 18.05.30I am so satisfied with this as I made pockets inside and the zipper is installed so perfectly.

2013-05-15 18.04.58¬†it it is three days work, but I am liking it ūüôā




I have been doing a little this and that for past few weeks.

paper mache dolls
paper mache dolls
crocheting a bag
crocheting a bag
one more
one more..
reusing this into....
reusing this into….
a suit set for achu
….a suit set for Achu
and a frock for aaku
and a frock for Aaku
a key ring
a key ring
polke dot dress for achu
polka dot dress for Achu

and not to miss hair cut for her as well ūüôā

summer holidays

We are enjoying our summer holidays. DDs are playing all day long with their dolls or no-dolls, watching 3hr tv: as there is always some animation movie after lunch time, reading books: they must read by themselves when they want and I must read to them before sleeping, there is most of the days no nap and long sleep at night, waking up late, splashing in pool with papa and a lot of other things. some are clicked:

coloring sometime
coloring sometime
made jewelry for ourself
made jewelry for


paper mache doll
paper mache doll
trying hand on cardboard loom
trying hands on cardboard loom
paper planes
paper planes
rag doll
rag doll
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