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I have been busy with my sewing machine for a while. I had bought a lot of fabric from my last RCPuram trip for different things, but some times you just buy and don’t know what you’ll do with that. I also had bought some fabric just like that… and last week I was browsing net and came across a simple pouch using circular piece of fabric, and I had to make it! Luckily I had the matching fabric for piping and matching zipper as well! So here it is…

2013-05-11 09.41.40and the coaster on cardboard weaver are done

2013-05-11 12.21.30


Next is a bag which is done in patchwork print fabric

2013-05-15 18.05.30I am so satisfied with this as I made pockets inside and the zipper is installed so perfectly.

2013-05-15 18.04.58 it it is three days work, but I am liking it 🙂




Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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