starting a new project

I have been away from this place for a while. I really kind of neglected the blog. I had thing to share but didn’t care enough to share. I was also busy planning for my brother’s wedding, which was in March. After coming back I was too tired and drained out, and was doing just the necessary things daily. But that has not helped me in any ways, and one evening I was talking to dh that after doing nothing also I do feel drained out, tired every day. He pointed, you must be doing some of your craft work, when I said I had not touched my needles for last three months, he thought a while and said, I think you should start some of your needle work then.

After that evening I started to look what I will be doing when the summer holidays start for me and my daughters. My daughters two months vacation started the last week and they were busy for the last week as they were accompanying me to my school and after school time was spend in playing. From today I am having my one month holidays, and I knew that it will be very difficult to keep dad’s happily busy for this time. So I have been planning things we could do during the summer vacation.  Now I have listed the activities and will make a plan and will share it, the coming days I will update this place with what all is happening inmy daughters summer days. For today I want to share this Bal Gopal by aaku.

2014-04-12 09.00.16PS. She did not use eraser for this drawing.

Author: anumrinal

I am a homemaker living in Bangalore, India, with my husband and sweet twin daughters.

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