Dining table or..


This is how my dining table is looking like right now.  The yellow at the end is new knit project started yesterday, next to it is Achu’s drawing,  which she finished in record time of ten minutes in all including drawing,  painting and then finishing touchesz (the green area) 🙂
The black piece is the beginner of all this,  my try on painting with patterns. Still not done. And then you see my little one busy with her try on the same technique. She didn’t allow me to click her drawing as it is still not ready. 



I am kind of lazy when it comes to keep things immediately back to their places.  I leave them where I work until my work is completely done,  sometimes they lay around for two three days.  Recently I was working on some felt project and my bundle of felt sheets with my needle and embroidery threads were on my living room table. My kids,  specially Aaku loved the felt so much that she used up my things into a beautiful drawing. image I am still trying to figure out what Achu intended to make ☺ image

Mini Christmas tree

This is the small Christmas tree I made with aluminium foil.


I started with creating the basic body of wire..


Then I took aluminium foil strips and cut fringe all along the length leaving about an inch foil uncut to wrap around the tree structure


Wrap until done. Added a foil star on top..


This mini tree is just five inches tall.

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