What’s in a name

Really!  Does a name matter?  Not for me,  but for kids it does. If they don’t know what’s in their plates they would happily finish the food,  but once they know the names of the items the fussing starts. The other day my FIL  smiled when I said to my dd that I have served her ‘pocket paratha’😆.  Which was a simple triangle paratha and she did not want to eat that. Today again when I asked my daughters if they would like to eat egg and bread,  the answer was no. So I made very soft french toasts and said it was ‘custarded bread’. The name custard made the food to finish in minutes.  So I choose to not tell them most of the Times what is in their plates or end up making names for the dishes…  it works for me most of the times:).  Motherhood makes you smarter :):)

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