Quick projects

Showing off some quick projects done over past two months

This pair of earrings was ordered by a little cutie for her mother as birthday gift.

quick project

20160205_111605 made two simple crochet squares in between a long project.

My kids had their Hindi culminating activity this week, and one of them was a bird in a jungle. So on Monday we made these wings for her




my craft goals for the year

I am surely aware that one and half month of this year is gone, but I don’t think it is late to announce the goals for this year. I had been lazy for many reasons last year and I don’t want to go into the reasons and justify myself, but I want to do more this year to keep myself, and others around me, encouraged.  So here are my craft goals of year 2016

  • I am going to again try 52 in 52 i.e. will try to finish 52 craft projects this year. They’ll be published under 52in52year2016
  • Sew covers for dining chairs.  This project is pending for last two years so a must do.
  • Fabric Painted pillow covers; this is mostly to push my kids to paint 😛
  • Knit/Crochet dresses for the girls. They have been asking for a long time now.
  • Knit/Crochet a shrug for sister, it was supposed to be gifted last year.
  • Sew dresses with fabric in stash
  • Not to forget to complete the UFOs

Leopard and a lazy morning

This week was quite happening as it started with a leopard visiting my kids school early morning last Sunday. They caught the leopard around 8pm the same day. The school got very low attendance on Monday. But in evening again the leopard was seen around the school.
Our apartment is just one building away from the school. All of us were scared, as many saw the leopard jumping from one place to another on Sunday. Also we had the victim photographer and his team in our apartment after the leopard attacked him and he was left with a bleeding arm.
The school was closed for the whole week after Monday; kids were home but sadly we’re not allowed to be outside, even in the corridors. They have raised the school fences and put wires and glasses on them to avoid any other future wild animal ancroaching in school campus.
We still have no clear answers of the questions like where from the leopard came? Or was there only one or many? But life has to go on.. so the kids will get ready to school on Monday as any other Monday… we will keep our fingers crossed and believe that it was alone and lost…..

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