Two of them

Just finished knitting a dress for my daughter, which completes my New Year gift for both.


Aaku’s dress was ready by Jan. end  but I couldn’t post earlier.


Both the dresses are test knit for chashmerejunkie on Ravelry. Simple patterns, seamless designs, top down with a lot of positive ease.  


where to draw a line

I am sure every parent with two or more kids have been here… here starts my tough time as a parent. the infamous “sibling rivalry” is knocking the doors of my house!!

As a parent of twins it is becoming really difficult to keep it up with the demands of each as an individual because the demands are mostly emotional and coming at the same time. When they were growing up it was rather easier for me than now… a lot of shouting, crying, complaining is going on in house every day. I am trying to keep myself sane 🙂  Some of the tricks I am following are

Giving them responsibilities so that they feel important (but it might not work with every growing child)

Letting them solve their differences by themselves. But interrupting if I feel it’s going to be ugly soon

Listening to them

Hugging and kissing them

Sharing personal experiences, stories on sibling bonding.

Trying crafting, games. They are real help in building sibling bonding.

That’s all from me….

If you have had experienced sinling rivalry please share your tricks on how have you handled…. they’ll surely help me



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