One little addition

Here is what I made to go with the dress for the little girl


Cute little bolero. I am super happy with this one.. it goes with the dress and also can be used separately. It will surely be used many times before the recipient outgrows this beauty.


For a cutie

Another quick project. This one for a little girl


I just love this pink, Vardhman baby soft, super soft yarn and so light. I am still thinking to make one more item to go with it, but can’t decide on a hat or booties.

A gift in an hour

I needed a quick gift for a boy.. what a challenge. If it was a girl I could do many things but when it comes to a gift for a boy the options are limited. Then I remembered this idea of car play mat I saw on pinterest.. and after that it was just a matter of what material I had. I had felt sheets not too big but big enough to make the play mat. Kids were super excited to see me working on the project and helped me by giving quick ideas of where to place what.. and what’s the best part… the recipient liked it


Colours on my needles

My recent fo (finished object) is the shrug for my sil. No I didn’t mend the last one but though of quickly making another one. All because of the steaking being alien technique for me.. never tried.. know it only in theory. I may get the nerves to try it but surely not now.
Coming back to the fo, this was my sil’s choice, as she wanted a full sleeved shrug.


I am super happy the way it has turned. I have tried knitting shrug before but I was never happy with the results and so the projects never got completed. Maybe because I never wore them I was not sure about their drape and fitting. I think this project gave me a bit of idea of a shrug.
Other than this I am working on some other projects.. here is a sneak peek on one of them


Failed Projects

I had not been feeling like crafting for the last three months. I did some projects but nothing big, mendingĀ or alteration was what mainly happened for me. So not much to share but two mega failed projects


A pair of slippers and a headband for a little princess, sadly the slippers didn’t fit her (although I did make it for a year old size). I still have to make another pair for her and it’s been a month. I know I am being lazy but it looks like I am slowly getting my mojo back and soon I’ll update on this project.

A lace shrug made on request for Bhabhi. Sadly after washing I realised that the underarms are not going to fit her and so again I have to start a new one. I am still not sure about what to do with it.


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