Mandala madness update

I had been working on my mandala a little at a time this entire month. I completed till week 7 part.


I’ll try to complete it before my birthday in March ☺


Year end craft


Just finished the edging for a Saree pallu. First ever by me☺ I have done the tassel edging for some tablecloths but never for a Saree. I plan to do a beaded edging for my next saree.. maybe beaded tassels.

A new skill


These cute little cupcakes are decorated by my  daughter. The design is her own. My daughters had a cupcake decoration competition at their school this Saturday. And this was the result of their practice at home. Here is what the other one did


For the chef cupcake decoration I learned to create modelling chocolate and for that purpose I learned to make corn syrup at home.
About the result… they both didn’t win, but I am happy that they participated. Their decoration in school was almost same to these, so I am happy that they could do all of it in the pressure of a competition.

Card trick

Here is my next block done


I did finish it last week itself but couldn’t write about it till now.
I got a bit carried away while doing this block and didn’t check the instruction notes properly. It’s outer edge having six wedges of pattern was also the confusion factor. I joined the middle card circle completely and made ring of the wedges and then joined the two pieces in one. While the instructions say to make the two block halves and join them in two in last step.
Got a lesson to read the instructions in complete calmness before starting to sew.
I still have not decided on my next block. Maybe today I’ll do that and start by tomorrow.

Tried machine applique


These cute slippers are embellished on my daughter’s tee. She got this tee from her friend just a month ago.  On her first day of wearing it, she dropped  her medicine  on it and spoiled it


I thought of using liquid embroidery to hide the stain but my local shops didn’t have the tubes. So I used machine applique to hide the stains.
And now she has a new tee


I almost did it

When browsing pinterest I saw lovely pics of skeletal leaves. It suggested to boil leaves in washing soda for more than an hour.
I thought why not… and I almost did it


As you can see the project was a half success. I think I would have succeeded if I have given more time to the boiling. I am not sure though..
Before you start this project kindly keep in mind…
You might not know that the boiling of washing soda will release CO2 So do it in well ventilated area.

Further boiling will release the salts which will splitter everywhere around the gas stove. It will give your pan a whitish coating.

You might have to use many kind of leaves as some kinds might not work at all. The ones I thought will be good didn’t work for me.

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