Loopy Crocheting and recycling

Recently I have crocheted this purse.

The stitch pattern that is used, gave it nice knitty finish. Now most of you want to know what stitch is it? The truth is “I don’t know what stitch is it!”. I saw a you tube video for this and adapted that to make this purse.

Here is the link for the video. The language is not English; I saw it when my speakers were off. That’s why I said I adapted it!





And i was busy recycling some of the old clothes to get a rag rug. This time I tried to have a pattern for the rug. And I think it has a little pattern… doesn’t it??

that’s all for now. see you all soon.


pattern direction for the Rug

As you have appreciated the rug so much, I decided to give a rough idea of how to work on it.  This is not the pattern but it is how I did it…. you are free to use your imagination for the color choices as well as the finishing. so here it is….

Squares: make seven

row1: ch 11, sl st to form a ring.

row2: ch5, *3dc, ch2*,  7 times, 2dc, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch 5.

row3: ch3, 2dc in ch2 loop, *ch1, (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in next ch2 loop, ch1, 3dc in next loop,* 3times, ch1,  (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in next ch2 loop, ch1, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch3.

row4: ch3, 2dc in loop, *ch1, (3dc, ch3, 3dc) all in ch3 loop, ch1, 3dc in loop, ch1, 3dc in loop, * 3times, ch1, (3dc, ch3,3dc) in ch3 loop, ch1, 3dc in next loop, ch1, sl st at the 3rd ch of ch3.

work like above for the next rows; (3dc, ch3, 3dc) for ch3 loop and (ch1,3dc, ch1) for other loops; alternating the color of yarn after each 3rd row.

Joining the squares:

when you have made all seven squares, its time to join them.

Follow the chart to join and continue.

joining the squares

Proceeding in this way you will reach the center. When it is finished, add desired edge to the rug by working in contrast color. That’s it!  Enjoy!!

a little tote for my daughter

I made a cute pouch for one of my daughters months ago, and now I am done with one more for the another daughter. it’s a little tote and she is carrying it everywhere with baby doll on the other hand.

I made this one as well with the crocheted squares; that I had made for some project which never got started; and some little crocheted rings.

I took 6 squares; 4 of one color and 2 of other
made 4 rings of third color
joined the squares
attached the rings at the joining points of four squares
made sl sts at the open end with third color
made the handle (dc st) with the third color
made handle (dc st) and it is done.

and she has filled it with her puzzle pieces.

flower and leaves cardboard bracelet

it happen today when i was trying to make a cardboard photo frame. my daughters started playing with the scrap of the cardboard and Achu just wrapped one long strip around her wrist and said, ‘mummy, choodi pahanta hun.’ (mummy, i am wearing bracelet). but the cardboard didn’t took the round shape and it fell down. i asked her that i’ll make one for her and thought to glue the two ends, but it has to take time and so i just stapled the two ends with a cardboard flower to make the bracelet.

the first one

it was so simple and she was happy to have it, so i made one with flower and leaves later. here is how i made that;

i cut the cardboard piece in a flower shape and color it with red.

then i took a cardboard strip and draw leaves like above in green.

next i trim out the strip to get a better feel of leaves.

then i stapled the flower at one end of the strip.

took measures of the wrist and hand and according to that stapled the other end.

it is ready to wear.

Aku is happily wearing it and showing to me.

the panda-how to

this is how i made the yellow panda

step 1: cut one leg of the pant, draw rough lines for head and body. sew along the straight line to get a bag open at both ends.

sew along the straight line

step 2: sew the lower narrow end by running stitch to tightly close it. (like making ruffels)

step 3: make running stitches around the neck portion.

step 4: stitch the eyes, nose and ears on the head and fill it.

step 5: slightly pull the running stitch thread to get a neck.

step 6: stitch the arms and fill the body.

step 7: again to close the end make running stitches around.

step 8: fold the remaining portion inside the toy.

step 9: fill the remaining body and pull the stitch thread to close the end.

step 10: stitch the legs and tie a ribbon bow around the neck.

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