Pinterest Fail

my adventurous failed attempt on weaving on a hoop

I tried the hoola hoop weaving sometime back. You all must have seen those beautiful projects on pinterest claiming to make lovely floor rugs using the hoola hoop as the frame. I was so impressed and tempted to weave one and my bathroom door rug is wearing out. So it was a great excuse to lock myself into making one. With a beautiful outcome in my mind I started and weaved. But as it started growing I felt something was wrong. Couldn’t put my finger on what but I could sense that things are not going the way I want. Also I needed a little oblong mat instead of a round one. And I was determined to make it work. I tried a lot of things, and here was the look of the mat still on frame.

Now the problem revealed itself once I unattached the rug from the frame. It cupped and wouldn’t lie flat. 😕I knew this was happening after the red colour but still kept on working and now I had to undo all my work. I think I’ll stick to my crochet hook method for the rug. They are quick, sturdy and I can make any shape I want. So I have a rag rug coming up soon. For now you can judge the cupping by seeing these photos.

Kids said leave it like this we’ll use it as a wig😃


A new skill


These cute little cupcakes are decorated by my  daughter. The design is her own. My daughters had a cupcake decoration competition at their school this Saturday. And this was the result of their practice at home. Here is what the other one did


For the chef cupcake decoration I learned to create modelling chocolate and for that purpose I learned to make corn syrup at home.
About the result… they both didn’t win, but I am happy that they participated. Their decoration in school was almost same to these, so I am happy that they could do all of it in the pressure of a competition.


Today I am sharing my wip(work in progress) projects. Normally I prefer to work on one project at a time as that way my focus is only on one work and I can finish on time. But at times I need break from the monotony of the work and I end up having more than one projects in hand.
Right now I am test knitting a tee with beading details on it.


I got a request to fix a dress for my friend’s daughter; the dress has very deep neckline. So I am crocheting a collar for the same


Along with these I am working on a crochet top and a five day workshop with kids in my society.
The workshop includes paper folding, cutting to make gift boxes, basic needlework  (running stitches, chain stitches) and to keep kids hooked we have fireless cooking. Till now we made a vegetables sanwich, vegetables salad and fruit cababs (fruits on a skewer). We all are enjoying this and kids even asked why can’t we have the workshop for more days:D

A gift in an hour

I needed a quick gift for a boy.. what a challenge. If it was a girl I could do many things but when it comes to a gift for a boy the options are limited. Then I remembered this idea of car play mat I saw on pinterest.. and after that it was just a matter of what material I had. I had felt sheets not too big but big enough to make the play mat. Kids were super excited to see me working on the project and helped me by giving quick ideas of where to place what.. and what’s the best part… the recipient liked it


Don’t leave a question unanswered

You never know what your child is going to ask.. we all have our own bundle of stories about what our kids said which was amusing, funny, inspiring or jaw dropping.. a lot of times this shows their understanding of things and matters.
It is obvious for growing children to ask questions and it is a sign that they are interested in learning new things. Sometime back (a year and a half ago) I was not very comfortable kids watching even the regular t.v. stuff. I actually stopped watching tv to avoid all the silly questions they would ask and most dangerously the things they’d not ask.
But even then I always tried to at least answer their quarries at the time they ask it.. it happened with me that I was busy in things and thought that this question needs more elaborate answer and it is not the time for all this stuff and asked kids to ask me later, but that later never came..later I would forget and so would they.

It is so really necessary to answer their quarries at the time they ask as that is the time they are interested and would listen, understand more than later when you have time but the kid is not interested.

We were watching movie and the hero kissed heroin, so my daughter asked “why do they kiss mummy?”
“Coz they love each other, don’t you kiss mummy when you want to show love?”
This didn’t stop here.. she asked next question
“But why they’re kissing on lips always?”
“……………..because they’re couple, and couples are allowed to kiss on lips, as he’s going to marry her”

spinach cheese omelette sandwich


A quick and tasty breakfast recipe. All you need is


spinach 1/2cup

cheese 1/4 cup grated

salt to taste

chilli powder according to taste

1tsp oil ( to grease the tava/pan)

butter 2tsp

bread slices 2


lightly beat the eggs, add salt, chilli powder according to taste. Heat tava/ pan and lightly grease with oil. turn the heat medium,  pour the egg mix, sprinkle the spinach and cheese.


(I used cheese slices as I didn’t have other cheese)

cut the bread slices diagonally. put the slices over the cooking omelette, spread butter on the top.


cover and cook for a minute. and it is done 🙂

cut the wedges and serve.


Today’s lunch for kids


Beetroot rice: beetroot gave this beautiful colour to the ordinary steamed white rice and turned it into a special dish. Took just five minutes. A hint of lemon at the end balances the sweetness of the beetroot. My daughter called it red lemon rice

Spinach and cabbage salad: isn’t it lovely to be able to use your garden greens to make something healthy. I added a bit of grated coconut as well to the salad. A quick, healthy and tasty salad.

Crafting the food

I have always liked the cute decorated bento lunches and wondered if I can do something like that for my kids school lunch. I am surely not going to have time and resources to do decorated bento but for now a simple bento lunch box


Contains  rice, fried green gram with coconut, cucumber and carrot salad, grilled capsicum, onion and paneer.

Summer challenge

As our summer activities me and kids have taken 30day drawing challenge. We have listed 30 topics and are going to draw accordingly. I am saying we instead of my daughters as they have included me in this challenge and I still have to pick my pencil..(you know how lazy I am!!)
So the first topic is ‘self portrait’ …..
Here are the two drawings that are ready…




I am sure the second one is what most of you are going to like and praise the kid who drew it, but for me the first one is better in many ways.. Love the confidence of the artist which shows in the drawing.

A little dress

Aaku has developed great interest in kurties (Indian tunics). She had a nice white one with kasmiri embroidery on it, which she would wear always.. she didn’t like me washing it as well as that ment she would not get to wear it that day. As she is growing fast, the dress is getting short, so I decided to make one for her.
I had this one and half meter fabric with me in nice red maroon print. I decided to turn it into her kurti.


Added the lace border and done.

As always; she decided to make a dress for her doll too




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