New Pattern coming out on 20th May

Hi all; I have a good news to share; my new pattern is going to be published in a webzine on May 20th.

A short, flared skirt is all you need to cheer a little girl. She goes round and round with the swirl of the skirt and you can not stop thinking how little things that cheer them up!!


My new pattern Laharen Skirt  is a part of the May issue of the webzine Knotions.

This pattern is a buttoned waist skirt with cable patterned body. I worked this skirt using Nako Saten yarn which I had bought from the pony craft store. My daughter is loving the skirt and swirling in it 🙂



Happy new year

Wishing everyone a great year ahead!!

Live it! Love it! enjoy every minute of it!!

I am leaving you to celebrate the beginning of the new year with my year end roundup. I had listed my craft goals for the year and now is the time to look into the list to find out how much did I manage to do.

1.I am going to again try 52 in 52 i.e. will try to finish 52 craft projects this year. They’ll be published under 52in5 2016

I did manage to do more crafting this year and can proudly announce the completed list is in my page 52in52 2016.

2.Sew covers for dining chairs.  This project is pending for last two years so a must do.

yes I did this too!!

3. Fabric Painted pillow covers; this is mostly to push my kids to paint😛

Not done. 😦 Started but couldn’t follow. not even half done!!

4. Knit/Crochet dresses for the girls. They have been asking for a long time now.


5. Knit/Crochet a shrug for sister, it was supposed to be gifted last year.

done! but still need to handover :p

5.Sew dresses with fabric in stash

made a kurta for me and one for LO

6. Not to forget to complete the UFOs

didn’t forget them but didn’t touch as well!! still ufo’s :p

I think I did good, and with all the happenings in the health area I must say I did great.. I didn’t quit and managed to keep myself crafting all year round.

Wishing myself and you all a crafty year ahead. Happy new year again!!


Mango season special

My family love fruits, and when it comes to mangoes we are mad about them. Kids wait eagerly for the mango season to arrive and when mangoes are around they just ignore any other fruit.

I am not a big fan of using fruits in cooking except for the shakes and smoothies  ( I prefer fruit ). So when my kids demanded something new for their tiffin box very hesitatingly I decided to make mango paratha.


Here is the list of ingredients I used
2 cup whole wheat flour
1cup mango puree
3 tbsp jaggery powder
1tsp sounf
1/4cup ghee
1/2tsp salt

First mix the ghee, salt and sounf in the flour with your hands.
Now mix the jaggery powder properly with the mango puree. ( i used jaggery as the cooked mangoes will not be sweet enough. You can skip adding it if you want just the hint and color of mango in your parathas).
Use the wet ingredients to knead the flour into a big ball.
Knead for a minute. Make small balls and roll them like chapaties. Cook on the heated tawa using ghee.
Serve with your choice of chutney.

where to draw a line

I am sure every parent with two or more kids have been here… here starts my tough time as a parent. the infamous “sibling rivalry” is knocking the doors of my house!!

As a parent of twins it is becoming really difficult to keep it up with the demands of each as an individual because the demands are mostly emotional and coming at the same time. When they were growing up it was rather easier for me than now… a lot of shouting, crying, complaining is going on in house every day. I am trying to keep myself sane 🙂  Some of the tricks I am following are

Giving them responsibilities so that they feel important (but it might not work with every growing child)

Letting them solve their differences by themselves. But interrupting if I feel it’s going to be ugly soon

Listening to them

Hugging and kissing them

Sharing personal experiences, stories on sibling bonding.

Trying crafting, games. They are real help in building sibling bonding.

That’s all from me….

If you have had experienced sinling rivalry please share your tricks on how have you handled…. they’ll surely help me