i tried something

i tried to make a skirt for Achu from her old pant. it was a half pant gifted to her. she never liked to wear it, she didn’t feel comfortable wearing that pant.

i trimmed its straps and opened the seam to turn it into a skirt.

this was the pant
this was the pant

and now she is happy to wear it (at least for a while ;-))

she is happy
she is happy
and enjoying
and enjoying

talking all day

my daughters ware feeling a little lonely here for some days after we came back. but now they are readjusted.

now they don’t query about their father all day long but they enjoy his company as  long as he is with them. their previous schedule of morning outing to get milk is again continued.

they are again asking their father to change his clothes when back from office or when they want to go out. as their father leaves to office they ask for the Tom-Jerry. and when the t.v. in turned on only the power failure would turn it off.

in between all these comes the request for several things like

“me tintin pas jaaye” (i want to go to see tintin),

“me ghumme jaaye” (i want to go out),

“me doosra khana chahiye” (i want another food),

“me baby kahan hai” (where is my toy),

“papa kahan hai ” (where is papa),

“me pant utaro” (can i take off my pant or i am taking off my pant),

“mummy ukki kao” (mummy play peekaboo),

“me kappa mawsh kanna” (i want to wash clothes),

“aur chahiye” (i want more),

“me nayee-nayee knna” (i want to take bath),

“cococh kahan hai” (where is the cockroach),

“ghoa chahiye” (become horse for me, in park it is a toy ride),

“gana chahiye” (play the music, or she wants the musical toy),

“ye papa ka hai?” (is it papa’s),

“kamma chahiye” (i want the blanket),

“commteter toma chahiye ” (play tom-jerry on computer),

“me booka chahiye” (i want book),

the list is endless, and these are the commonly used sentences. now-a-days they are busy in complaining about each other. the talking doesn’t limit to me only, they talk more to each other and to their toys and this thing is the sweetest part of it. in today morning Aaku was feeding the toy elephant and saying to it “baby khanna khao!” (baby, eat the food!!).

busy days

after our recent long break the house had become full of dust and dirt and I have still not finished the dusting as I am too busy with my daughters or I should say busy in solving the equation among them. they keep me busy all the day either by asking for something or by asking me to join them in their activities.  sometimes one doesn’t want the other one to follow her and at the same time the other one wants to play with her, sometimes they are searching for each other, they do want the same things, new things, new tasks…..  the list is endless.

just a few hours ago they both were asking for my purse. I gave them their worn out socks as the penny purse, I said it is sock purse, so that they have the same purse. my SIL laughs out at my such efforts saying I am fooling the kids.  am I ?

flower bonnet pattern

in my earlier post I have shown the picture of flower bonnet. I posted the same pictures here and some of you asked me to share the pattern. so I wrote it down for you. this will be the first time I am writing a pattern so if there are any confusions feel free to ask me.

flower bonnet
flower bonnet

I used a 3.25mm hook

start with chain 5, sl st to form ring

row1:  ch3, 13dc in ring, join to 3rd ch with sl st .

row2:  ch3,  dc in same st, dc in next dc, 1 fdc,* 2 dc, 1dc, 1 fdc* repeat in same manner, sl st at the end.

row3:  ch3,  dc in same st, 2dc, 2dc, 1fdc, *2dc, 2dc, 2dc, 1fdc* repeat in same manner, sl st at the end.

row4:  ch3, 2dc, dc, dc, 2dc, dc, fdc, * dc, 2dc, dc, dc, 2dc, dc, fdc* repeat around, sl st at the end.

row5:  ch3, 2dc, dc, 2dc, 2dc, dc,2dc, dc, fdc, * dc, 2dc, dc, 2dc, 2dc, dc,2dc, dc, fdc * repeat around, sl st at the end.

row6:  ch3, hdc in next 4 sts, dc in next 4 sts, decrease 1, decrease 2, decrease 1, *dc in next 6 sts, decrease 1, decrease 2, decrease1,* repeat 5 times, dc in next 4 sts, hdc in next 4 sts, dc, turn

row7:  ch3, hdc in each hdc, dc in each dc, work around turn

row 8: ch3,  4 hdc in next 4 sts, dc, 2dc, *dc in next 4 sts, 2dc in next sts,* repeat 11 times, hdc in next 4 sts, dc, turn

row9 – row 15:   same as row 7

row16:  ch3, hdc in next 4 sts, dc in next 4 sts,  *5dc popcorn with second color, dc in next 5 sts with base color,* repeat 11 times, dc in next 4 sts with base color, hdc in next 4 sts with base color, dc with base color. turn

row17:  working with base color ch3, hdc in next 4 sts, *dc in next 2 sts, 5dc popcorn with second color,* 22 times, dc in next three sts with base color, hdc in next 4 sts, dc, turn

row18:  same as row 16.

row19:  same as row 7.

now work for the strip

row20-row40:  ch3, hdc in next 4 sts, dc turn.

stitch a button at the other end to attach the strip to.

that’s all it is. good luck.

download now

my yellow panda

I saw sweet panda in different colors here they are really cute. yesterday when I saw one of my daughter’s winter set (they are useless now) I imagined a panda in that color. and I was so much exited to imagine that couldn’t wait to make one. this is the final result

my yellow panda

check  how to make this panda here

both the girls loved it

playing with it
playing with it
playing with it
playing with it

isn’t it cute.

Back in action

we are back in Bangalore. the girls are full of new experiences and so am I. they enjoyed every moment there with their grandparents be it dada-dadi or nana-nani. their days were full of new achievements and adventures. I am happy, as by this trip my girls learnt a lot and not by some book or media but by experiencing .

sharing some memories of the trip.

Aakanksha enjoying pooja

view of Himalaya from our home

Achala enjoying video game

Aakanksha at the coloring table

and I want to say something to my papa:

they both remember the rhyme you made , do you remember it

dog kaise ?    bhoo bhoo

cow kaise ?  maa maa

cat kaise ? mew mew

crow kaise ? kaa kaa

and I added a line to it ” achu/ aku kaise ? mummy mummy”  🙂

Christmas candles

As I have told earlier, we will be leaving  to home tomorrow. I will not be able to post for one and half months. So wish you all merry Christmas and a very Happy New Year in advance. I am posting these Christmas candles as the gift.

christmas candles
Christmas candles

all you will need is-

thin cucumber slices

cottage cheese about 3 tbsp

salt to taste

tomato strips

Dip the slices in warm water, let them be  there for a while and take out. This will make them soft enough to fold without any crack.

Add little salt to the cheese. Spread a little cheese over the slice and roll it to make candle. Put the tomato strip to add  finishing to the candle.