Crafting the food

I have always liked the cute decorated bento lunches and wondered if I can do something like that for my kids school lunch. I am surely not going to have time and resources to do decorated bento but for now a simple bento lunch box


Contains  rice, fried green gram with coconut, cucumber and carrot salad, grilled capsicum, onion and paneer.


Summer challenge

As our summer activities me and kids have taken 30day drawing challenge. We have listed 30 topics and are going to draw accordingly. I am saying we instead of my daughters as they have included me in this challenge and I still have to pick my pencil..(you know how lazy I am!!)
So the first topic is ‘self portrait’ …..
Here are the two drawings that are ready…




I am sure the second one is what most of you are going to like and praise the kid who drew it, but for me the first one is better in many ways.. Love the confidence of the artist which shows in the drawing.

A little dress

Aaku has developed great interest in kurties (Indian tunics). She had a nice white one with kasmiri embroidery on it, which she would wear always.. she didn’t like me washing it as well as that ment she would not get to wear it that day. As she is growing fast, the dress is getting short, so I decided to make one for her.
I had this one and half meter fabric with me in nice red maroon print. I decided to turn it into her kurti.


Added the lace border and done.

As always; she decided to make a dress for her doll too




Two of them

Just finished knitting a dress for my daughter, which completes my New Year gift for both.


Aaku’s dress was ready by Jan. end  but I couldn’t post earlier.


Both the dresses are test knit for chashmerejunkie on Ravelry. Simple patterns, seamless designs, top down with a lot of positive ease.  

Keeping busy

What do you do on a rainy evening when the kids feel trapped in the house?  You give them something to paint:)


And they have unexpectedly beautiful results for you..


And the fun doubles when friends join in..


Things happen faster..


And faster..



I am kind of lazy when it comes to keep things immediately back to their places.  I leave them where I work until my work is completely done,  sometimes they lay around for two three days.  Recently I was working on some felt project and my bundle of felt sheets with my needle and embroidery threads were on my living room table. My kids,  specially Aaku loved the felt so much that she used up my things into a beautiful drawing. image I am still trying to figure out what Achu intended to make ☺ image